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  1. According to LiveFish.com (A nice Australian owned online aquarium store) the restrictions are: "NT customers need a permit before we can ship any fish or plants. TAS customers are only able to order dry goods - see FAQ WA customers cannot order plants, snails or mussels - fines can apply." Correct me if I am wrong but apart from those restrictions it should be fine for aquarium plants to move around most parts of Australia. I think ACT is seperate from NSW
  2. Swordtails gave birth to fry today; wasn't there at the time.... 1 survivor left :L

  3. Thanks BettaRazzi! I'll be sure to test my water with the LFS soon in the mean time my lone guppy is doing fine in the tank. Thanks for the input! :lol:/>
  4. Nice Tanks! The shrimp tanks are like the cool Fluval Ebi Shrimp Tanks which I really want! (And you should Definitely check out if you want another shrimp tank XD ) As for your question (Not much First Hand experience but) from the things I read on the internet it might be good to change the water bi weekly or so as the plants absorb the micro nutrients in the water (Iron, Calcium, Co2 etc)which can easily be replenished through water changes however you can replace that with liquid fertiliser which restores the nutrients plants intake for their growth, in theory if you don't the plants migh
  5. Let's see: - Currently reusing all the equipment I used in the Goldfish aquarium (Just switching over to tropical community ) - So gravel from my old aquarium - The same tank from my goldfish aquarium - Same Ehiem 2211 External Canister Filter with established bio-filter media (The tank with goldfish has been set up since the past 3 months or so, had 5 goldfish before hand) - Added more gravel with the goldfish gravel, Natural Pieces (? company name) Aquarium gravel. "Aquarium Safe". Wahed before adding to od gravel. - 200 Watt Jaegar Heater. - Live plants to help contain the ammonia,
  6. So I've (finally) started up a tropical aquarium and my first additions were (of course) a trio of male guppies. After reading alot of topics on the purity and the weaking retail strains of guppies I wanted to know if there was a way to determine the purity of a guppiy's strain. I'm only asking this since (I feel like a bad pet owner) but 2 of the guppies I bought died after 2 days. A smaller metallic guppy was found dead on the second morning and the next morning another guppy died. I'm into my first week of keeping the guppies and the final survivor is doing fine (He's flipping out on his
  7. Are you talking about those Bamboo gift shops sell which are grown to form love hearts and spirals??? That would be so cool if you could put it in an aquairum! But I think I would agree on it being used in an Aquarium. - First of all I don't think it can handle being fully submerged; since the ones I have are being grown in a vase with those coloured "silicon balls" which retain water but not much. However I've seen some in cups with some water but not fully submerged. You could have them in the water but not fully submerged. I don't see much roots coming from the ones I have so roots w
  8. Yeah I saw them too, you should've seen the amount of $$$ the company raked in during their Kickstarter campaign. It's self clean gimmick is cool, I since I haven't actually owned one I'm still skeptical I totally agree on the price $75 dollars USD not to mention the postage and handling fees is way too much for a glass jar with a "Self Clean" Gimmick, I would've considered had they included the LED lights for it too. I would defintitly buy it had it were cheaper, although many people are against "Bettas in cups" when people keep them. Also since it's so small a heater would'nt fit inside an
  9. Basically I got a new tank and finally found a lighting unit to go with it. I'm planning on it to be a planted community tank but the big problem is deciding between pea gravel or plant-growth substrate (like fluval stratum/Fluorite) I'm getting a high output LED "grow" light from an LFS around 10,000K+ apparently . Will it be fine if I don't use aquarium plant substrate and stick to gravel? he plants that I am planning to keep are the common LFS ones like Crypt, Amazon Sword, Java Fern, Aunbias, Vallis Green Cambomba but Recently found some HC and am really keen on getting some but is the
  10. Receiving information from someone who has experienced keeping saltwater aquariums is great I was in a way planning for a pico reef, with some small corals etc. Sometime in the future I will definitely try and set up a saltwater aquarium pico/nano reef and all this information was extremely useful, Thanks ALOT[/i. I'm most likely get the hang of fresh water aquariums before I jump into nano reefs, but it will help anyone else like me who is interested Thanks heaps OT: I put this in Shrimps inverts because nano reefs can stock shrimps and invertebrates and I don't really know where el
  11. Thanks for the quick summary! It's really hard to find information which sums things up for saltwater aquariums I was thinking of buying this picotope aquarium JBJ Picotope Aquarium Its looks like it is worth the cost and the stock lamp apparently is capable to keep some corals The only problem I'm having is whether a powerhead or not since many people suggest one Its looks pretty good and when I have enough spare cash and time I'll invest in one of these, there's been alot of positive reviews and tons of videos on YouTube with the tank in action which is great! Is there anything else I
  12. Hey Everybody! Just posting a discussion post for Saltwater/Nano Reef Aquariums, personally I'd really love to start one however after reading various articles, it seems like quite the hassle to maintain one so it would be great if any the forum member who maintain a saltwater aquariums could five me an idea of the things needed to do when they maintain their aquarium. On a side note, is this cool? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/762563809/pj-reefs-bringing-the-ocean-to-your-desktop?ref=live It's a desktop saltwater aquarium, (well a guess a mini reef ecosystem on kickstarter) and I ju
  13. Oh that's too bad, but I don't remember Harlequin Rasboras & Shrimp being fin nippers :\ As for shrimp would it be okay if I had mor eplants to provide hiding spaces & a less agreesive betta? Also would danios be fine as a suitable tank mate for bettas? Apart from bettas could I substitute it for a dwarf gourami? (Sorry for all these questions, I'm looking to create a Asian themed Fluval Edge Aquarium) Thanks!
  14. Ok Thanks everybody! I'm probably going to decide whether to keep: - 5 Minnows - A betta and a few shrimp Both options will be planted for ammonia control and to provide hiding places for the shrimp from the betta Thanks for the advice guys! :D
  15. Alright thanks, White Cloud Minnows aren't an option are they? I was really hoping for some in the tank but is 10L to small?
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