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Just a couple updated pictures from today. I am probably going to let them have the whole 2ft tank to themselves once I move my hendra fry container out. They are growing fast and I want to give them more space.


The biggest males are looking nice. Still don't think they are quite big enough to hold their own against their parents though.


This shows how many there are.

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They got moved into their permanent 2ft home this morning as I felt they needed more space. This will be where they all live until they get big enough to sell. I tried to get some photos but all I managed were some orange coloured blurs.

They are such characters compared to my wild betta fry. So much more in your face and wanting to know what I am doing every second of the day.

Unfortunately, I lost her male when I lost all my ijebu ode group. I kept her because initially no one wanted her and then I got attached to her and decided she deserved a place in my fish room.

I was looking for a poliaki male, as I was going to focus on keeping/breeding killies after some troubles with my wild bettas. But now everything is back on track with my wilds that plan is on the back-burner and I have decided she can just keep my australe company.

After all my bad luck with killies in the past I keep waiting for something to go wrong as it just seems too easy this time around.

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Well after what has happened today I think I am just about ready to burn my bedroom/fish room down.

Was watching my killifish juveniles zooming around their tank and having a blast in the afternoon sun. Didn't notice anything amiss until one of the smallest juveniles swims past and I notice what looks like ich on its fins.

Me being overly paranoid gets my torch and has a look at a few more of them, and yep, I have an ich infection in this tank.

I started treatment and since it didn't look like too bad of an infection, I can get on top of it quickly.

I don't know why this keeps on happening :(( I have been so careful and only shared equipment with their parents' tank. I always do their tank first to avoid contaminating their tank with anything and the water parameters have always been good.

Here was a photo I got of my keeper male only a few days ago. Now I just want to cry.


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*lol* I have had both. I am just glad I caught it early. Only a few are showing visible signs of infection.

I think velvet is worse than ich though. Stays around forever and seems particularly enamoured with my coccina complex species.

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Thanks Adam. They are cheeky little buggers. They swarm my hand and attack me whenever I have to do maintenance. Have more females than I initially thought so looks like I will have a number of pairs when they (hopefully) mature.

This was my other picture I had of my male. He is the biggest one in there and always at the surface begging for food.


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They are very cross about me putting a towel over them (I am pretty sure the medication is light sensitive and that tank receives strong afternoon sun) and they were attacking my siphon when I was cleaning the bottom this morning.

They are still all active and eating so that at least is a good sign.

Once this course of medication is over, I may try the salt/raising temperature method just to fully exterminate it.

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Don't worry just because I haven't posted here doesn't mean all my killifish died *lol*

Everyone seems to be improving. So far I have only lost one. This was a male that everyone seemed to attack for no reason I could determine and I found him last night lying upside down on the bottom of the tank with his fins gone and clearly suffering. Unfortunately, I decided that it was not humane to let him pass naturally so I had to euthanise him.

Otherwise, here are some photos from today to show I am not lying.

There are definitely a number of pairs now.




Parents are also still doing really well. They are massive now and as soon as they see me coming they just sit at one of the corners waiting for food.

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Here's a few more shots from this morning. God those juveniles are hard to get to sit still long enough for me to get a clear shot. I have to throw in some grindals and just hope from the photos I am snapping something turns out good.




As you can see the male is living the good life. My poliaki female has remained rather svelte but these two eat whatever I put in their tank.

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Is that another word for fat? *lol*

I found one other dead fry when I was cleaning yesterday but otherwise everyone else seems okay.

These juveniles are pretty aggro though. The males are always chasing each other around. Will almost be glad when they are big enough to sell/trade/dump off at a fish store.

Just chucked in a spawning mop to give them some cover at the surface and this male was particularly curious. He looks so mature in this photo.


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Yeah I am hoping it is gone. The smallest ones don't seem to be infected now, and they were the ones most severely affected.

It is probably going to be another month or so before the biggest are ready to find new homes. I definitely have a number of females so at least I can sell some as pairs rather than just have a whole heap of males.

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Well here are some updates of my australe juveniles/sub-adults. I have decided to start putting the biggest pairs up for sale next week. They are nearly at the size the parents were when I got them and I am pretty sure none of my females are males in disguise. However, they do have very intense colouring on their fins compared to their mother.

Unfortunately, the photos are bad because they never sit still anymore.


Three big males


Showing the colouration of the females



Some of the smaller sub-adults

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Just wanted to update this to say today I did a water change on the tank and out of curiosity went through one of the spawning mops and found myself an egg!

I think some of the males are as big as the parents were when I got them, and the females have lovely subtle colouration.

Their tank is like a killifish playground. It has PVC pipe, floating anubias, floating java fern, java moss, terracotta pots, spawning mops, IAL and film canisters. It may not look particularly attractive but they are always zipping around in there chasing each other around and sparring.

It's hard to get photos of them, but I managed this one of a smaller male.


Their parents and my poliaki female are going well also. I just do one partial water change a week and chuck in some food every day or so and they seem content with that.

As an aside, If you live in Melbourne I am still selling these at $10 a pair. I have a number of pairs available. Otherwise I am probably just going to see if I can't find a fish store to take them all.

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