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Our killiscape


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Haha im cheating no pics just yet

cause I'm on the train to work super bored

But when I get home ill take some special

This sorta fits in aquascape but ill take some pretty pics of the killis in the tank to make up for it

We bought a fluval flora not long ago initially we were gonna use shrimp as we were told killis like water similar to bettas (tannins and driftwood) but then Adrian at aquatic showed us his clown killis which are in almost neutral water no tannins so the killis were allowed to go in the flora

The run down

Fluval substrate

Sponge filter


Several rocks (5) one is quite pretty with two quartz stripes through it (pinched it from my dad a while ago)

various mosses ATM each one has a different moss:

Phoenix moss


Rose moss

Flame moss

As well as a small rock with palm moss

And a carpet of Belem hair grass

We wanted hc but Even though the tank has CO2 it doesn't reach saturation for long enough the hc would thrive ...

Anyway tanks been set up and cycling with the ugliest tetras we have (3 neons: 2 who lost an eye each to our old ghost knife and 1 runty boy whose severely beat up)

They seem to love it though as we've never noticed neon tetra eggs before we put them in the tank

Anyway clown killis were introduced last night they've been living in a pretty plain tank with just spawn mops till now (and a single gardneri girl) unfortunately we've lost a few but didnt realize till it was time to catch them

But we have 5 in the flora tank now

3 boys and 2 girls would like it if they would have some babies for us but am quite dubious they will.

Oh well photos later tonight once I get home!

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Noticed today we have atleast three very very small clown killifish. Hopefully they can reach adulthood, and hopefully we get many more.

Thinking we may need to get another tank and set it up the same for the gardneri.

What are some other colourful patterned killis which are similar sized to gardneri?

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Hey James,

Realy nice to see you and maddy giving the clowns a go. Killi can be so rewarding. Adrian realy knows his stuff. I get rain gutter mesh and putbmy peacock moss between that and hang it in the tanks for both the Killi and Guppies. I will post a pic on the weekend to show what I mean. It gives the resulting fry a great refuge to hang out in till all is good for them. Keep up the good work it is great to se



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We've made spawn mops and have amazon frog bit and plants always looking for more things in the tank though :)

The gardneri are in the main tank and at the moment the boy Is petty useless since he's always trying to show off to the betta girl instead of his two lady gardneri room mates maybe once there alone we will see some spawning happening :)

James Australe, makurdi, ijebu ode, striatum (i think) and blue gularis are all on my killifish wish list and you know it.

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So this scape sort of gone down hill with algae, our plan is to get it going again, and add new killis into it, along with doing 2-3 other scapes with killifish as displays. Plan is a heto crystal 19l tank, an up aqua easy nano and possible either a hai yang all in one, or a fluval all in one.

This will all happen either once we move house, or more one of our shelves outside and replace with a nice clean bench.

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Razzi: the fence being down is not a reason to move house I love the sherpanator from next door. she cries with hapiness whenever she gets attention.
BYT: ideally yeah that would be sweet and some solar power.
but ill settle for actually having heating and cooling which both work!

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