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Male or female HM Plakat

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Hey all,

I have been working myself up trying to figure out whether my plakat that I have bred is a male or female. I've tried pairing up with another female CT but this fish was not even interested i.e. flaring at her. I also put it into a tank by itself with almond leaves hoping there is some bubblenest action for a week. Nothing.

I did however put it with my HM male together and it seem to be flirting with him all across the tank. So, I thought it might be a female but looking at the body conformation, appearance of egg white spot under belly and size.

But, another opinion to help me investigate whether it is male or female.

Thanks for your input guys.

Here are some photos

My Plakat



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He is about 9 - 10 months old now.

He is one of two survival from my HM PK x HM female spawn I started last year.


In terms of breeding, should I condition him and wait till he grows a bit more before putting him into the spawn tank.

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I think Mother Nature is playing a prank on me. Just went to do some water change when I notice something different in my betta container. I didn't believe my eyes. It look round and whitish. Upon further check, to my surprise it's actually eggs. My betta had been dropping eggs and now munching on them. After a few minutes, all gone.

So, is this plakat male or female?!!!

It flares like a male yet just dropped eggs in the container today.

Is this the time to throw the towel and move on to better things in life?

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I was so convinced it was a male. I even tried pairing up with my new royal blue CT female. It was bizarre thing to see that it was not interested at all. Maybe that is a definite sign it is a female not a male.

One good thing came out from this discovery, sexing plakat is a challenge. I don't know how you boys in brissie do your jarring and sexing. Having her/he is enough for me to go crazy.

So, I can clearly say I have a female HM/Plakat who is on steriods :P


Yeah I had that thought too when I first saw the eggs. Males don't produce eggs. They eat them but never produce them. All good now. Now, to find a good looking "BOY" to match up with this feisty girl.


Yeah, I will bring her to next coming Vic betta meet. You can meet her in person. She's gorgeous when she is in a good mood. :P

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