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Hi from (near) Benalla, Vic


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Hi all. :)

Have been lurking in the Wild Betta section for a while. Thought I had better join up so I can join in the conversations!

In the Betta department I currently have 2 "moggy" Betta splendens males and 2 pairs of B. burdigala. Today I noticed one of the burdigala males has set up a nest.... :)

I also have a couple (*coughcough*) of other tanks with White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Rosy Barbs, Pygmy Cory and Otos. All my tanks are planted.

Am on a farm so all my tanks are run on rainwater.



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*waves to Steph* Don't get to Shepp much but probably will next week. LOL Good to know there is someone "nearby". :)

MT - I'm pretty sure they like the rainwater. ;) The water is the main reason I decided to go for bettas. I'm too lazy to go for fish that need harder/high pH !! (goldfish don't like it... >.< )

Jarrod - I'm looking forward to sharing (I'm new at this but I can share pics! lol) and learning. :)

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Well I do have a photobucket account and it has some of the early tank pictures on it. *g*

A little frustrated at my failure to get good pics of the fish and the tank now (it's so lush - it's a total jungle. lol)

One of the burdigala females comes and flirts by the front glass when she's hungry - I just can't get that good photo!

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