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Meet Migaloo 2: Electric Boogaloo


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Had to share this guy. Not to many on here now that were around when Migaloo popped up in my 2010 spawn (my first betta spawn in a good 12 years or so...), so this will only make sense to a few.

First of all, here is Migaloo (named after the white humpback whale, as he was pure white when named and was the biggest of the spawn.) He appeared as a random coloured fish in a blue marble spawn and soon became a forum superstar ;) (or so he liked to think...)



I recently spawned a cambodian orange CT and a red marble cambodian CT and thought I had lost the lot to an aggressive mystery illness that killed all (or so I thought) in only a few days. I pulled out the bodies and left the tank until I had time to pull the lot out and sterilize everything. Yesterday, I started to dismantle the tank and discovered 6 runty fry hiding behind the sponge filter. I quickly jarred them up and have them on an all you can eat blackworm buffet. Hopefully, they will start to grow. They are severely undersized for their age.

Surprisingly though, I spotted this little guy who reminded me of someone familiar.... I think it is a sign :)


I have 3 that are this colouring and 3 cambodian.

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Thanks guys, I love the happy accidents like this :) I'm hoping it is a sign that my bad luck has finally turned and I can finally work towards my goals. I have acspawn of 3 week old mini skirts growing out and a couple of other pairs in tanks. All going well, by March I will have CTs, HMPKs, HMs, VTs and phase 1 of my CTPK project... ;)

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