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Oh my god.

The colour on the first one is trés beau, i love the dark wild stripe on the dorsal fin, over the dark body and oh - oh - pale blue dragon scale (I'm dribbling, pass me a towel)

I wonder what he'd throw in his prodgeny, that kooky marble gene might gift you with a hundred differently coloured fish! I love him

BEAUTIFUL body shape.

Matching female seems to have non red 2 (orange) CUTE SQUEE GIRLY

....watch out that copper boy is coming home with me at the next dinner Raff!!!

Really loving the form on the females - strong bodytype!

You've got some really lovely fish - now when are they going in the tank together????


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Thank you all!!

I'm glad you guys are liking them as much as I am! There are some others here too but getting their pictures would have been a little altogether very difficult. All in all, they are pretty striking. I've really just been happy with all the fish I have gotten!

As far as spawning... I'm just waiting on a few tanks to come to me (should be in the next couple of weeks) and then I'll throw a whole batch together. Put together 2 or 3 spawns and see how that goes. The Purple Dragons will be in that spawn, as will the Copper Dragons that came with my first lot of fish.

Thanks again! I'll keep you updated.

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