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    I would like to breed but I am not at the moment. I want to learn about the Betta first. I am finding this to be a fascinating new world and I just guess I want to learn first.

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  1. I don't know the exact name for this but I do know that I had this very slime on some of my driftwood and the two recommendations I got on getting rid of them was 1) Boiling the wood, and 2) Putting an Otto Catfish in. I think that may imply that it's some sort of algae? I'd be interested to know exactly what this is called.
  2. Being that this is the critique forum I would say, you have what I can only presume to be nice fish. The angle of the camera, the angle of the fish, the lighting and the speed at which you move it, do not allow for a good critique of these fish.
  3. Ugh Riff. It's a guppy... not a Betta. Tsk tsk.
  4. First things first, I think we are all glad to hear that your girl is alive and well. Secondly, I would do some more reading around this forum before attempting a fry. The eggs that your female carries are useless without the male. Removing her from the tank doesn't help her have babies. She needs to wrap with the male and he needs to pick up the eggs and place them in his bubble nest. She'll even help him do this. She will more than likely sustain some damage during their mating ritual but there will be a time when it is appropriate to remove her and it's after she's dropped the eggs. You should also condition her before you give her another go. I'm sure there are people on the forum that will put this much more eloquently than I, however most of the things I am saying can be found in other parts of the forum. The best of luck! I know it can be a lot when you first get into the Betta thing. Glad to hear your girl is still alive!!
  5. Is his fin, where it is corroding, actually a different color? Is that just the antibiotic? It looks and sounds like fin rot to me although none of mine have changed colors where it starts to rot. What sort of medication are you using? Have you run any tests on the water for PH? What's the temperature like? Are you using any Indian Almond Leaf?
  6. I use the heat cords as well. It takes me three cords to generously heat all of my betta and still have room for more. I definitely agree with Paul in thinking that would be the way to go. Those little things are so small you could just run one length of cord all the way across and have them sit on them me thinks.
  7. I don't know about the dwarf Gourami but I was speaking to a person that breeds the hatchback Gourami and he told me he wouldn't have anything less than 5 together. He also said they do better in a tank that doesn't get disturbed often. Seem to be easily stressed. It might be something to look into.
  8. I'm definitely planning to come. I don't think I'll bring any of the troupe along but I'm definitely hoping to make it. :P
  9. Thank you all!! I'm glad you guys are liking them as much as I am! There are some others here too but getting their pictures would have been a little altogether very difficult. All in all, they are pretty striking. I've really just been happy with all the fish I have gotten! As far as spawning... I'm just waiting on a few tanks to come to me (should be in the next couple of weeks) and then I'll throw a whole batch together. Put together 2 or 3 spawns and see how that goes. The Purple Dragons will be in that spawn, as will the Copper Dragons that came with my first lot of fish. Thanks again! I'll keep you updated.
  10. Purple Dragon Half Moon Male Purple Dragon Female Copper Double Tale Mustard Gas (Not the most flattering shot of him but I love this fish and I love this shot!) Mustard Gas Female! Love the color on these girls!! Thanks a million, someone!! tail*
  11. I had this exact thing and it turned out to be a distended stomach. If it is a distended stomach than the best advice that I got was just to take her off of food for a couple of days and when you return, try to get her to eat some chopped (cooked) pea. Did the trick with my girls.
  12. BettaBeginner

    Hi All

    It sounds like you have come to the right place. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your Betta!
  13. He's a very pretty young man, isn't he? Welcome to the forum!
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