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Thought i would share some newbies:)


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BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER:(Pleas note yes they are in jars for the photo's, THAT IS NOT THE PERMANENT HOMES, i receive all my 20cm cube tanks x 4 and my holding tanks in the next 48hrs, they have been given treated/heated rainwater in the jars with live plant)

Hey guys not the best photographer will get more practice for you all lol, this is my new addition to my scaley family as of yesterday:D


Red/blue male super delta.


Red/blue super delta female.


Pink crown tail.male


Blue crown tail.male


Female Crown tail

i do not have Non blurred photos of my other , male red crown tail and 2 x black/metalic coloured veiltail's, but i shall try and borrow a camera in next 2 days once all there new homes are set up:)

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shadoh : Thanks, they were a lucky score, got all 5 of them rather cheap.

Bettarazzi : That is a great idea, just gotta set up the tanks i scored tomorrow on the stand i attached shelves to and painted up :D.

Zui : Thank you was very lucky for what i got lol

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