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Hi, My name is Chris :)


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hey guys,

My name is CHris, i used to be real into my cichlid's and large natives for a while, i managed to breed a few captive breeds of fish (green severums, Common brislenose, convicts, flowerhorns) and never really looked at/gave a chance to Betta's......after having to shur down due to work and cost of running i had missed fish for a while and was introduced to the world of betta's: D.

I have been researching on care/breeding/housing/health and just general info on these fish and after being into them for not even 7 days i am now in the possession of 3 bettas myself :D.

i love fish and aquascaping and due to need not alot of money to keep/care for and breed (only in relation to size of tanks required and so on) im going to stick to just betta's now and wanted to find others who breed/keep these fish to expand my knowledge and to maybe make some good contacts for swapping fish later down the track:)

thanks for having me hope to see you all in the forums soon:D


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Welcome to the forum Chris. There is plenty here to keep you busy for a while :) the people here are a friendly bunch. Especially when kept well fed with photos *lol* don't be afraid to ask questions. There is always someone around to help out.

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