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So excited


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I bought my first betta from Aquabid in the wee small hours of last night. So excited. Now I have to wait for it be shipped (June 5th) and then go through quarantine (that's the let down) before I can photograph it.

Unfortunately the breeder does not have any sibling females to go with it, so I'm going to need some advice to help find a suitable female or two to help breed a true line.


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I've broached the subject with someone, but I'll wait until he's out of quarantine before I begin a search for compatible females. At this stage I'm thinking of two, a HM female and Plakat HM female. I'm unsure of what colour forms to look for.

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I'd wait to see the fish in the flesh first. He seems to be a metallic steel missing the black layer (Cambodian base), I'd personally be looking for a metallic blue over a light body with full masking. Perhaps even a super blue (they have a thicker look to their blue layer that almost looks like dragon scales. Keep in mind that if you get a metallic steel female, you will get some copper offspring.

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I'd agree with the colour suggestion Jarrod, but he's got black in the face, which might just be that dull grey 'default' betta colour that VT females at the LFS often are (you know the colour I mean?) is that a version of black?

... part of me thinks theres some white scales on the face too that might be reflection, might actually be dragon scale?

Either way there's red wash (ventrals) so that's a consideration too, you'll get multicolours.

The colour is a bit off - I'd suggest it's been affected in post production to show the colour as a lavender blue - this isn't a bad thing, just that you should consider looking at him in person as suggested.

ITS NOT A CRIT so everything;s okay! YEAY!

Question about a theoretical and very general non specific style of ray distribution.....


My friend has this copper fish (?) and I noticed he has interesting ray disribution - looks like the beginings of feather tail, and would mean definate 180+ spread, but also rose tail.

That's interesting to know, you'd just want to be clever if you had this copper fish, as to the distribution of the female

Unless you wanted feather?


Just an observaaaashun

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May not be postwork Ness, some of my light bodied blue HM babies do look a bit on the lavender side. Just the way the irid layer plays out over the cambo base.

Having said that, I'm going to contradict myself and admit that AB is a fertile breeding ground of photoshop manipulation. Thankfully, every fish I have bought off there matched the colored in the photos... As I said, prob best to see the colour in the flesh first.

Ps: Re the red wash, good point, I totally bypassed that factor daydreaming of all the other possibilities *lol*

Pps: With that butterfly type pattern he displays, he should throw some marbles, no?

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Total technoidiot, but can you postwork video?


And would this be a sibling male?


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I think technically he is a Platinum Blue Butterfly Over Half Moon Dragon male. I am not sure on the Dragon part, but he was listed as a Dragon. What I would like to try and breed from him is a true breeding line of Platinum Blue Half Moons. I wouldn't mind if the Butterfly effect carried in to the line. I am limited in space, so this is will be my only fancy betta line I will be working with.

(Though I have the crazy thought of mating him with a Cambodian red female to see what would happen)

My thoughts are that if I started with two different females, a Half Moon and a Half Moon Plakat (not sure what colours) I could produce two sets of offspring and look to cross back from these. I'm not a big fan of the thicker Dragon scaling, but this male appears more Metallic than Dragon.

Total noob and still reading/learning though.

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Look, he's really lovely - let's start with this - and I find ray distribution FASCINATING so, there's my admission of being a total loozer.

The colour will be interesting, and it's totally possible that he's that colour - you know what's weird - I totally misunderstood the patternation / butterfly for just shimmery pants. Defo marble. Defo.

I don't quite have my head around colour/metallic/dragon/opaques as yet - so I wont comment on his colour, just that he has a red layer covered by the blue that makes him appear warm blueish

The brother has straight ray distribution - so it's interesting to see how this feathered effect might work - those green lines might just be wrinkles in the webbing - either way, he's a full finned boy!

In a female I would suggest looking for a complimentary colour (do some research, maybe start at betty splendens?) there are predictable outcomes for just about any mix of colour... so do some enquiry, you'll soon learn that raising a spawn "just to see" is bloody hard work! You might as well get something out of it that you want!

I'd go for a female with good square edges on her D shaped caudal, straight rays, and a good quantity of them.


Female A has 2 ray splits, B has 4

botom female - she got 8


I'd suggest 4 or 8 is good - 8 in the female and you might achieve rose tail, or invite the feathering to occur more.

179961_389017371134521_913793337_n.jpg go for good anal fin on lady friend like dis wun

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Mmmmm but I don't want to develop rose tail or feathering. I want to cut back on the volume just a little, but keep the 180 spread of a proper HM.

Those are two very nice looking girls by the way. I know of the perfect boy for that red girl.

I'm not sure I understand your butterfly v marble comment. I would say from my limited understanding, that the blue female you have pictured is a butterfly HM. She's awesome and probably would make a very good match for my boy.

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Marble and Butterfly are the same thing, it's the marble gene that makes the butterfly appear, some of them only have the trimming, some of them have that perfect 50/50 colour division, and the rest and everything in between is marble marble marble.

It's a blessing and a curse - depends what you're into.

All the girls I've posted are just to show ray splitting... go for something that looks tidy without too much excess tail (which we don't often see in females) but sharp square edges on the tail are the biggest thing missing in breeder females.

Also his anal fin is too long - go for something that is very neat, and matches up with the oval.....


I'd be tempted to put him to another dragon - if you cross a dragon with a standard coloured fish (as far as I understand) you get copper.... or copper marble in this case.

Lucky thing is you're starting with a nice fish - so you've got lots of options.

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