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Hi everyone my name is Lachlan i am 14 i started keeping fish with the humble betta :cheer: i had afew at one stage but they were just delta tails and crown tails. i moved on from bettas to the magnificent flowerhorn! i have probably 100 adult and fry flowerhorn and i think the quality of my fish is right up there.

anyways when i kept bettas i managed to condition them and spawn them onece but i didnt have anything to raise them on so they passed away :byebye: but now i want to get into bettas, i realy admire plakats, halfmoon plakats and halfmoons :drool:

i have a few questions that sound quite silly.

can i keep my bettas in small tanks ontop of my fh tanks? will they stay warm enough? but i do have a spareish 1.5ft tank that i might divide up for a couple of bettas.

if anyone has some plakats for sale in sydney let me know.

cheers :bighug:

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Hey Lachlan, welcome to the forum. Yes you can keep betta in small tanks/jars over your other larger heated tanks, but this is not ideal. The size of each jar needs to be enough to keep the fish happy/healthy and the heating (although this set up is better than nothing) is not going to guarantee adequate warmth -especially with winter creeping up on us fairly quickly in Sydney.

Welcome once again. Paul

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Welcome to the forum, Lachlan!

Is great to have you here. Just remember, there aren't any silly questions - feel free to ask any you may have.

There is also a search bar in the top right hand corner, it's quite useful - some of the questions may have been asked previously. :)

As Paul said, although it is possible - it isn't ideal. Remember Bettas are tropical fish, and with winter coming, that wouldn't give them much heat, if any. 1.5 ft tank is perfect - dividing up for a couple bettas would work well. Also big enough to pop a small heater in there.

And we'd LOVE to see photos, we're total photo nags over here. Most of us set up an account over at Photobucket.com and host our pics there.

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Can we see some photos of your flowerhorns? I love them but don't have room, what type do you have? My favourites are Thai silk, it's a shame we can't legally import them, the quality in Australia is so much lower than Asia :(

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Ooh, please do post! Grab the direct link, and post it into the icon that looks like an old photo of a tree, it's in the toolbar.

I would advise against jars, it's going to be much to cold for them, especially with Winter coming. Also swimming space is generally appreciated.

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Hey Lachie,

Welcome to the forum.

On the betta thing - sure you buy them in jars, and it sounds like you've had them before so I might just be repeating what you already know - but please don't keep them in jars.

In my opinion they need 3 litres minimum to maintain a normal healthy attitude (this is for display/pet fish) if you're breeding and jarring, conditioning, selling quickly & spawning etc, it's a bit different.

Here is a link to a care sheet that might cover some of your points.

They do best with a stable tempreature between 24-26 (up to 28)

Good luck with them (:


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thanks, i will be breeding them and keeping them as pets.

here are my flowerhorn

i have 9 adults and prob 70 fry


my catty


this guy will look nice when fully grown


this guy is for sale


my big guy has extremly good genes


his gf who has a kok, quite rare to get kok females


another rd lol


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yep,the dad is the last one and mum is a blood parrot.

the 1st batch i got 6 and the 2nd i got alot more

they were laid as an egg on Wed Mar 21 2012

this is the yesterday, i alredy have picked the best of the batch



they are still small 3cm

best of the batch



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