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Corbin is 5!


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My grandson Corbin turned 5 today, and enjoyed a Pirate Party at Hungry Jacks. Yesterday, he said goodbye to all his friends at the day care centre, as he starts school in the new year.

All grandchildren (well, all children) are wonderful and special, but Corbin is the apple of my eye. He has lived with me and my husband virtually since he was born. Due to various complicated and unhappy circumstances, Corbin had a rather difficult start in life, and when he was 8 months old, my daughter (his Mum) relinquished his care to Corbin's dad Brent. After sharing care with Brent for several months, we invited him to come and live with us, so Corby would continue to have a stable home.

Four years down the track, they both still live with Tony and I. Corbin is a happy, healthy, lively and loving little boy, and we have an especially close relationship. He and his dad are inseparable, and fortunately he also has a very loving relationship with his mother.

I couldn't be prouder of my little mate (as you can tell :lol: ). Here he is eating ice-cream cake at his party.

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