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Finally! Got me a CT betta pair :D


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I'm finally back on keeping splendens after hiatus for about 2 months!

Finally got a chance to look around for a pair today. I thought I'd play around with CT this time :)

I enquired about VT and the guy said that VTs are really rare around here now and only SD, D, HM, PK and CT are around lol.

Though I didn't really find a nice boy to my liking, I picked up an (what I think is) excellent girl. :lol:

So for the sake of getting them slightly cheaper than buying them individually, I had to choose a boy. Lol. I think the boy is your-standard-LFS-CT-boy. They're in spawn tank at the moment.

While at the moment I'm not really fussy about the outcome, I do wonder if it's a good idea at all. The girl is all vertical bars already.

I like the girl, if they spawn before I find a nice CT boy for her, then so be it :)

I'm a bit interested with the offspring outcome though. Will they be black with reddish and bluish wash?

Here are the pics (due to the location of the tank, and since it's almost nighttime, I find the source of my light is lacking, so I had to use flash)

Any feedback/comments are highly appreciated :)






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HI! We've missed you heaps and and and - your little copper boy just wrapped for me the other night, and and and... oh! How is everything going for you????

Back to fish - you've hit the nail on the head - she's spectacular, let me put lots of pressure on you to keep an eye out for an equally tidy male - those double ray reductions are SHARP - her anal fin is nearly perfect, and ... yes - she's great, wide dorsal.. oh. just lovely.

...he's, nice.

So she's a black orchid (normal iridescence spread over black) he's a red/blue multi.... so I would (TOTALLY GUESSING HERE) say metallic with red wash//blk?... ... . . yeah i have no idea.

Form wize you will get a mix, but what's the point if they're just making more pet store quality ones right?

(you remember how painful JARRING was!) might as well have something stand-out in those jars

it's just as much work.

Let him be the "tease" male - or you can accidentally let him slip into the spawn tank for a romp, who am I to stop you!!!

Really glad your back on the forum - i missed ya!


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Hi Ness!!

Everything's been up and down, so I guess all good so far? :)

At least I made a barrack design that is untested (the circulation).

Well.. I do remember the jarring. It was fun picking one out of so many. But not the water changes that follow though :lol:

I'm going to another place, closer to my place, today to see if they have any decent CTs (the yesterday one took.. like an hour or so drive to get there, not really keen on going there everyday :P )

Their half moons and giants were decent (they had a couple of copper, butterfly, MG, opaque and some random coloured ones), but their non-red CTs were pretty sad - male wise. They had a couple of red CTs that looked awesome; as in full red, no other colour present - and still kiddies, almost 3-4 months old, I'd say. But we all know how hard it is to get rid of the reds... Female's the other way around though. Their females were mostly nice CTs (but only one black orchid - the rest were multi/marbles.) - their female HMs were pretty disappointing.

I guess he can be the "tease" male like you suggested :lol:

Colour wise, I was pretty much went "surprise me!" (as long as it got no red) but form wise, I need to find a decent one to be her groom.

Congrats on the spawn, Ness! Three spawns at different stages. I don't think I can afford that at the moment :lol:

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Welcome back Felix!!! I agree with Ness - If you can hold out for another male, do so. That female orchid is amazing :drool: if you can't find an orchid male, a nice clean steel blue male would be a good choice to partner with her.

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Thanks, Jarrod!

I visited another shop and majority of them are HM and PKs. The CTs weren't very nice! (With exception of red..)

So... If she were to breed with full red CT (no other colour). What wouuld I get? Would I get red orchid? (I wish..) :lol:

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You'll get black orchids with red wash essentially... Commonly called Black devils, Black fire orchids and any number of names breeders assign to them.

I wish that the local shops here carried the fancy types over VT's *lol* (says he who has just spawned a nice red pair of VTs - oh well, these fish have sent me crazy, so I am allowed this one small indulgence...)

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After spending almost an hour at this shop, I just bought 3 more males. While I'm not entirely sure of their colour, I think one is blue/black, one is black orchid and the other is red/turquoise multi. All CT lol.

Gonna post their pic later when I got home. Can't wait taking pic of them :lol:

Thanks for the predictions, Jarrod and Denning! 1 girl, 4 candidates. No pure red this time.

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Kay, here's the 3 new CTs.

I have no excuse for these crappy pics. My skills with photo taking must've gone down under the roof. Not that I can do anything about this at the moment (I shall have to get some cube tank to take pic of the fish sometimes near future..) I can take vids slightly better though :lol:

The fishes were still in their plastic bag; acclimatising when I took their pic (with exception of Black orchid)

Here's 1 that's red/turquoise multi:


I got him due to his attitude and his.. uh.. strange colouration (IMO)

Here's another one that's blue/black (which turned out to be turquoise/teal I think..)



And the black orchid: (one pic showing the front part of him, the other showing back part)



Not really cool on the topline, but hoping that the girl would fix it up.

So, which one would fit best with the girl?

I'm leaning towards the 2nd one or the black orchid.

Also, are any of those males any good at all?

Form wise, I know, it might be difficult to see. I could try taking a vid if it'd help.

Thanks all :bighug:

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Love how spidery the first one looks!!!

I'd go with the orchid. The female should compensate for his topline. he has nice even web reduction in his caudal, whereas the second guy appears to have uneven reduction. Also, in the pic you posted, the orchid appears to be close to having crossed rays in his caudal. This is something that is sought after and can hopefully be developed by selective breeding of the offspring.

So in short, my picks in order of preference would be 3, 2 , 1...

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Thanks heaps, Jarrod!

I just noticed that the orchid got some slight red wash on the anal fin *facepalm*

Hopefully the offspring would be better.

I also didn't realize about the uneven reduction on the second guy *double facepalm*

I have put the black orchid into the spawn tank with the girl.

Since they both came from different sources, I'm hoping to get some variation for the offspring :)

The girl is clean - no washes of any colour, but the boy has slight red wash. Fingers crossed that they will spawn smoothly. Also have to use bubble wrap for the base of the nest at the moment (haven't been bothered going around collecting IAL yet..)

I have trouble finding java mosses here. They all selling peacock moss and some.. weird-named-moss, but none of them were Java. (and they're way more expensive than Java -_- )

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Just a night after they were introduced and and the girl is all barred and the boy made a decent sized nest. I'd love to try them out but I haven't got enough salt to hatch the bbs.

Must. Buy. Salt...

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Hah! Didn't read your post before my last post, Razzi :lol: (I blame my phone)

Actually, I am on Java island. Not that I'm 'closer' to java, but I'm on it... And I can't find Java mosses around.. Lol.

I gotta gather some dried IAL off the street and wash them up tomorrow too. Hopefully these kids can attempt to spawn by Monday.

Problem is: how am I supposed to take pics? Lol. All my trial ended up in black silhouette of these kids -_-

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LOL Ness!

Yeah, I have her in with the orchid. I actually don't really like 2 out of the other 3 after several days examining them.... (I didn't bring my ultra magical examining torchlight when I bought them lol)

I think the nest is growing bigger and bigger each time I see it. I'm trying to get me some salt before I ended up putting them together (tentatively tomorrow.)

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