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Hey there, from a Queensland newby


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Just wanted to say HI all, hoping to make some new friends and learn all the stuff I currently don't know about fish in aquariums and outdoor ponds as well. I want to keep my guys happy and healthy for a loooong time, not just treat them as a short-term ornament.

I had tandanis catfish a long time ago and was amazed at the characters and personalities that emerged- definitely NOT a 'dumb' unintelligent creature! Now I have some Betta (just 2 guys and a gal) tho Spike, the Crownie male is clucking over his bubs at the moment... so hopefully the population will increase. I am setting up some extra tanks at the moment, bit by bit.

Uh.. let me see... I am in Sunny Queensland, north of Gympie and out on acreage, lucky me! Hubby and I are allowed to live here as domestic staff to a flock of miniature goats, 7 dogs, 4 cats and a tribe of very excitable guinea-fowl. They really own the place, and just operate under our names... True, just ask them!

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Thanks guys, I came across your site a few days ago Paul, when I was searching online for Bettas :D

Hoping you will have some new finnies in soon! I will have to work out how to upload pics... sigh... If it doesn't live and breathe (against all popular theories I suspect computers do, and have an evil streak) I have issues. Hubby says I have technological dyslexia..


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Cut from the same cloth methinks you'se ar.

Nice to meat you Deb, easiest way is to get a photobucket account - then use the direct link url to paste into the forum.

There's a few other ways of getting your pics uploaded elsewhere, but they're a pain in the proverbial.

Exciting news about your CT spawn - and I assume clucking over bubs means you've left him in there? That's great - there's a few people that've had great success with that method.

We're gluts for pics - so, get busy.... well, between feeding the menagerie - you might identify with George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Opposing thumbs, that's all that separates us.


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