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Greetings from Sydney ^_^


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Hey all, just joined this forum a day or so ago, I was told about it by a girl who works at my local aquarium store so figured I should check it out... unfortunately I didn't catch her name, and now I feel really slack about that <_<

My name's Meredith, and after a few years of not having any fish I got myself a betta a couple of weeks ago.... my boyfriend had recently decided out of the blue that he wanted a fish tank, so we got him a little 2 foot tropical set up a couple of weeks ago and he's in the process of stocking it now, at the moment he's got a couple of bolivian butterflies and a handful of neon tetras... though it was on a trip to the fish store before he'd gotten anything and was trying to decide on what to get that I spotted what is now my new salamander halfmoon boy, yay for impulse buying, lol ^_^ I'm planning on getting into breeding using him, so I'm on the lookout for good quality halfmoon females at the moment, not having much luck so far but I'm hoping someone on here may be able to help me out with my search.

As for things in my life other than impulse fishie purchases :P it's mostly trying to balance out my time between working at a racing stable, going to play with my own horse, playing video games and making costumes, with a little bit of looking for a new house thrown in as of late. We went and looked at an awesome place to rent yesterday, just gotta get our applications in to the real estate office and hopefully we get it.... we'll have more space than we currently do, all the more room for fish tanks, haha :D

Anyway, this is my boy, just a dodgy pic taken on my phone camera, I'll have to get my boyfriend to take some decent shots with his DSLR sometime soon. Because yeah, the water *really* isn't cloudy, I'm not entirely sure why my phone decided to make it look that way.


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Haha, hiya Krystal, I do still feel kinda slack that I didn't find your name out until just now. Yeah, Mr Fishy is doing well, he's a feisty little guy, that photo is what he looks like pretty much all the time (except when he's sleeping, then he kinda flops down and rests on top of the mask ornament thing in his tank), I'll need to get some decent pics of him flaring up properly though. I also need to think of a name for him, maybe something a bit more imaginative than Fishie Fishie, lol. I've kinda got my eye on that black delta tail male at the store you work at, I haven't quite decided yet if I want him or not though, but if we get this house and he hasn't been sold by the time we move in, he's coming to live with me :D And funnily enough, I'm the same about horses, I'm not the biggest fan of racing but to be honest it's the only job with horses that pays enough to live decently enough on, and the job itself is kinda fun.

Hazell, yup, it's a phone pic, I've got an LG Optimus, the Optimus One model I think it is, the camera on it actually seems better for taking close up pics of small things than anything else really.... it struggles with anything more than a few metres away. His tank is on a little table in my bedroom by the window, so there was decent natural light for the camera to pick up on.

And thanks to everyone else for the welcome, I might not post much for the next few days while I read up on a bunch of stuff on here, but as soon as I get the ball rolling on my breeding plans, don't worry, you'll be hearing ALL about it, lol. Speaking of which, if anyone has any suggestions for what kinds of females I should get that would be a good match for him colour-wise or in regards to finnage, feel free to let me know, the last time I tried to breed bettas was ages ago with just the random veiltails that were the only thing available for the longest time. Though that might not happen until after we move house, we went and handed in our application this morning first thing, so hopefully we have some luck and the owner is cool and approves us, so we can move in soon and there's more room for fish tanks :P keeping fingers crossed til we hear back from the real estate.

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OMG Krystal, those photos are awesome, thanks heaps! ^_^ Loving that one of him front on, he's such a handsome boy.

Melbournebetta, LOL, my boyfriend might have issues with me marrying someone else :P but keep me in mind when your little ones are ready for new homes, I'm happy to wait if I have to, they are halfmoons, yes? And I may very well drop Somchai2500 a line to see if he's got any girlies for sale, depending on my finances and whatnot.

Though we had no luck with the house we applied for the other day :( but went and applied for another two this morning, hopefully we get better news about one of these.... I'd forgotten how annoying house hunting is, especially when you show up to look at a place to rent and there are 23489724509872340987234 other people there looking at the same place. It's almost making me want to grit my teeth and stay where I am now, just to save up a deposit for a house and BUY a freakin' place *grumble grumble*

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Renting is a pain, I remember years ago mentioning to an agent (when asked if I had pets) that I had "6 very obedient (His face dropped and went grey) ...goldfish"

Needless to say the concerns over water damage, and the damage that might be caused by my vicious pets (what the?) was cited when i was rejected for application.

I now work with realestate agents daily, and I can confirm that none of them posses any quantity of humor.

Good luck.... and LIE.

it's the only way.


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Ahahaha, beware the vicious goldfish! :D rofl

Well, as of this afternoon, we have a house! :dance: We go and sign the lease in the morning, and then the fun of moving in starts. At least there's only the one fish tank that will be difficult to move, kinda thankful it's only a 2 foot tank.... moving when I had fish in my old 4 foot tank was just painful. That tank has my snake in there now, but he'll be easy enough to stick in a box for the actual moving. Funny thing is, I haven't actually seen the inside of the place yet, my boyfriend went and looked at it while I was at the races with a horse on the weekend, so this could be interesting come tomorrow morning, hopefully there's room for more tanks, lol.

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