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  1. Hey Bloke, this forum used to be really active. Not so much now, but you'll find lots of great info just from reading through it (that's why im back, I need to do some reading). Welcome.
  2. Hey Rainbowfish, you've come to the right place. My little dude would have died without these guys. I lurk more than anything these days but it's a great Forum. Welcome.
  3. Hi I was admiring your little man earlier... Happy he has a nice home who will care for him properly, just kinda wish I'd beaten you to him... Happy you're planning on breeding him too :)
  4. LOL... I'm not a traitor. However, if you're right no one's fessing up to it and sharing a clicky link.
  5. Hi All, I almost feel like a bit of a traitor putting this up here but ... I've fallen in love with Ranchu goldfish and want to find out a lot more about them. Can anyone link me to a good fancy goldfish forum? Ideally It'd be just like this one: Australian, friendly and knowledgeable. If not - just reliable and knowledgeable will do Thanks PS Merlin says hi :)
  6. Yeh Mum... he was for reals read this time. I nearly spewed. It was a pretty full on "quick clean"... Yuk. Still feel sick thinking about it (and I've vet nursed LOL). mat - I think you might be right. I've googled... would it be wise to feed him... once a week???
  7. Hi All, Long time no post. Maybe not the 100% correct spot to post but ... please move if so. Things are going well with Merlin. We've all settled into a nice little system of hanging out being a fish and looking after his fishing little needs. Anyhow - this post isn't about Merlimoo but out snail, who died this week. We were very much in love with our little snail - I suspect mr Spanger liked the snail more than the fish. My question is - what might have caused the snail to kick the bucket? The tank is clean - have not tested levels lately but we do a 50% water change one week and 100% change the next. No live plants, 2 IAL at all times - put in and removed on a weekly rotating basis. Merlin's very happy - building a bubble next after ever change. We use prime and usually (more often than not) age the water before using it too + some salt. He eats freeze dried blood worms, pellets and occasionally peas. could it have been lack of food for the snail? Old age? I want to replace him but I don't want to be doing something obviously wrong and keep killing snails. thanks
  8. Um... Quick update. I didn't dose my pooey little darling with anything. He gobbled up a pea the first night this happened (tues) then another on Wed night and wasn't interested in anything else - didn't eat anything other than the pea. This morning he finally ate some pellets for the first time all week and tonight... DRUM ROLL ... I got home to my first bubble nest in MONTHS... at least 2 mths I'd say! He's obviously been feeling off, clogged up, for ages and not feeling 100% because of it. I know feeding him on just blood worms and aqua one pellets when I can isn't great but he's a really fussy eater. Anyhow - I'm going to try harder to ensure he has a better diet from now on as he's obviously feeling a lot happier for having done the worlds largest poo.
  9. Hijack all you like My plan for now is go to Woolies early tomorrow morning and grab some epsom salts (just checked the kitchen, bath and laundry cupboards - none in there!) Then stop at the vet tomorrow do pick up some Avitrol or Ivermectin. Praziquantel would also be good if it can be used. I never thought I'd be so happy its just constipation or worms - these are things I can deal with - I was so worried it was something I'd have to put him down over. **EDIT** He ate pea for the first time in AGES and the dag is gone too so I can relax a little. Should I still worm him? Also - thanks Paul & Yan for offering advice. Much appreciated.
  10. OMG! Thank you so much Paul. Mu initial thoughts were worms (but from the Gill.) I suppose I just assumed his butt was further along Mr Spanger said it was a dag! I'm so happy to hear that... Worms I can cope with Will look up worming options. He's such a fussy eater and I have tried peas and even boiled eggs so I assume the mince had a "cleansing" effect on him.
  11. I know they're not great quality but - ya know it's the best i can do. Please help This Morning. Tonight - it looks longer.
  12. FYI It looks nothing like this http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=8226 It looks nothing like an Anchor worm either Yan. More like a blood worm in shape - but he didnt have blood works to eat yesterday and I'd never give him one that long. I did google search before I asked! Maybe y'all have to wait for the photos :(
  13. Hi All, I was only thinking yesterday that it's been ages since I've been in here. ANYHOW... merlin soon fixed that. I got up this morning to find a "thing" hanging from him. I grabbed some photos but I didnt have time to upload as I was running late for work. This thing is whiteish in colour, about the same diameter as a freeze dried bloodworm and attached to him from the gills / where his ventrals would be if he had any. He only shares the tank with his snail, is fed on freeze dried blood works and aqua one pellets. Water changes once a week - this week as 100% done on friday. Usually its 80-100% done sundays. Water is aged with Prime and also has aquarium salt and IAL (1 small) added. Only major changes this week were that he was fed friday then not again til late sunday as I was away for a long weekend. Also - I fed him a tiny amount of beef mince yesterday - I read in a book that they can eat it. Photos to come tonight but in the mean time OH MY GOD - I AM MORTIFIED - PLEASE HELP.
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