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Xmas Comp ideas/suggestions/thoughts


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Hey guys,

Just thinking about wrapping up the end of year (I know, where the hell did 2011 go?) and wondering if we should indulge in a little Christmas competition?

The aquascaping comp earlier in the year was heaps of fun, so if you're all interested, I'd be happy to try and run it again with guest judges etc.. and prizes of signature graphics and general acclaim?

Or maybe something different? Photo competition with a few categories maybe?

Thinking Xmas themed tanks / best fry-juvi shot / planted tank shot / macro shot / miscellaneous ...... thoughts?suggestions?

There's been a few amazing planted tanks happening around the traps, this might inspire the cameras to come out.

Anyone interested? Ideas?

x Ness

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Yan - I was thinking betta as a broad term... there weren't heaps and heaps of entries in the aquascaping comp so we could just keep it all in broad terms

betta - all, splendens & wilds... and maybe the shrimps go in with "other fish"

Xmas themed fishy photo / Planted Tank / Macro-close up / Betta portrait / Miscellaneous fish or inverts

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Good to see so many interested .... after running a Xmas Comp the last 2 years I found its always fun to have some fun at Christmas rather than be too serious about "competing"...... just the word sometimes shuts out those who are a bit timid so skill should be the last thing on the list of requirements in my view.... no 'expert judges' or anything like that - leave it to a popular vote like the last couple of years.... lets just enjoy some great fishies :)

2011 Christmas Photo competition winner - Shaddoh


2009 Christmas Betta poem competition winner - PAUL

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The brineshrimp were brewing at the tankside with care,

In hopes that the new batch soon would be there;

The female was separated away in her tank,

While daddy attended to eggs that had sank;

And Lisa promoting rain water, not tap,

Attempted to spin an intricate rap,

About what was taught by JL on breeding,

At the Betta Australis Canberra meeting.

"Look for a female with finnage voluminous",

The rest of the rhyme is not just to humour us,

Try not to forget "a broad sharp-edged caudal",

Get to work now, no time to daudle.

When Christmas is nigh and summer is here,

Aussie male Bettas make bubbles appear,

The water so warm, girls' bellies do swell,

With eggs or dropsy - sometimes hard to tell.

So well conditioned, these fish look majestic,

But this aint no courtship – it's a bloomin' domestic!

Now if this goes well, and, it rarely does,

The eggs in the nest cause a bit of a buzz.

To sit and to wait for those tails that do wiggle,

And watch that boy chase 'em, makes us all giggle.

We sit and we watch, looking for fry,

So hard do we strain we near pop out an eye!

And then we get fussy, fastidious too,

So much so, we choose to vacuum their poo.

With Christmas approaching, with no time to spare,

Each hiccup, each set-back, we pull out our hair.

But what we all want is more fighters around,

A room full of fish where Betta abound.

For my part at least I can't get it quite right,

so, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

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LOL... haiku what? The poem didn't get as many entries so would definitely stick to a simple point and shoot photo comp.....

Not stealing my thunder - glad to have you doing the competition this year.... don't really have the time to do it justice and now is a good time to start organising the comp but will help you if you need any help Ness.....


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