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My new Bettas


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Hi guys, I had one male betta and couldn't help myself and had to get him a friend. Well he now has two friends and my bf decided that he wanted to get one aswell. So introducing




and Sylvester



and I just wanted to show how much my first fishy Ernie's fins have grown so happy with that he looks even more beautiful now!

when i first got him


and now

Thanks for looking guys!


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Ernie has turned into a beautiful little dude - he's got a great veil tail & filled out nicely... great job.

While I'm not the expert on colour... here's a stab at what colours they are:

Albert is a Metallic copper over red/red wash

Sylvester is a multicolour - dark bodied with red and metallic blue (could be steel/royal/teal etc)

Ernie is (plain cute) He's a marble, light bodied multicolour (cambodian) with steel blue iridescence over the red, cute pattern on the tail!

Hope that helps.


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Thanks guys, Im very happy with them all. They definatly do have their own personalitys, Ernie is very friendly and cheeky ,Albert is very relaxed kinda dude and Slyvester is very shy and will swim away when you walk up to the tank not like ernie who makes a beedive to come see you, he has also been making some quite impressive bubblenests too! Im enjoying having them and I am trying hard not to get a 4th the colours are so different and beautiful its hard not to keep adding to the collection!! have to add to the Albert has a tinge of yellow on the tip of his fins aswell but i couldnt capture it in the photos. Can you get blue/yellow/green coloued bettas?

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They are very cute!

Sylvester is what id call wild colouration as well, how they originally looked in the wild :D

you can get blue and yellow rather easily ! green is a bit elusive, it only works in a metalic way and changes as the fish swims and depending on light tho some are getting a really darker metalic green that seems more visable!

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