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Betta Tank - Red stain


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I got up this morning a little worried about Barry the Betta.

His water was changed on Sunday but there seems to be quite a lot of surface tension.

I can see lots of little (and some big) bubbles that don't seem to pop.

I recently attached some gauze to the hangon filter to reduce splashing.

He has already begun building his bubblenest since the water change so I assume his happy.

Another thing I noticed was that the gauze was stained slightly red/pink. Here is what it looks like:


Can anyone please shed some light on this?


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Sorry I forgot to report the parameters.

Call me paranoid but I tested right away and everything seems fine:

pH: 7.6

Nitrite: 0pp,

Nitrate: 0ppm

Ammonia: 0ppm

Is IAL a type of plant? These are the only plants I have in there:


I also recently added some gravel:




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IAL, Indian Almond Leaves, are often added to Betta tanks, they seem to have an anti-bacterial property's, stain the water a tea colour (which makes it look natural, in my opinion... the Bettas seem to like it). It also makes the water "stickier", and helps bubblenests to stay together.

Did you thoroughly wash the gravel before use? It could be debris from the gravel.

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IAL is Indian Almond Leaves. A lot of betta keepers put them into their bettas water. They have antibacterial properties, soften the water and help make the bubble nest "sticky". They also release tannins into the water, which is what made me ask, as that would stain the gauze over time even if you couldn't see it in the water.

Your water parameters are good, your betta is blowing a nest, so he is happy. Perhaps the new gravel had a small amount of dirt still in it which has been caught by the gauze and stained it. I'm grasping at straws here.... I wouldnt be too worried as long as the fish is happy and healthy...

Lol @ Sarah, you got in before me... almost reads like a double post :D

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