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DIY Light Stand on my 3ft


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Ok. Being somewhat financially under-endowed (POOR!!) The light I was able to afford for my 3ft community tank was too short for the stand that came with it to be of any use. First I made some legs :blush: using styrofoam and foil (so the blu-tack would stick :blush: ) and had them under the light and sitting on the lid of the tank.


These are them! Yes I know, don't laugh they worked :blink:

I asked Owen if he could make a stand for me that would sit over the edges of the tank. Being the genius he is, he said, Yep, no worries I'll do this...*insert long detailed highly technical explanation that made no sense even with drawings* :blink: And this is the end result. All done with perspex and attached using little toggles in a channel conveniently located in the top of the light housing!


Side view


Front view


And the final result.

Not pretty but it works and it was free, just needs a little packing to help it sit level but even as it sits now it's solid as a rock, nice and lightweight and slides easily when I need to move it! God Bless Husbands....even the ones that complain about hte fish can't resist a challenge :dance:

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