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Cadbury and others


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Hi guys,

I haven't posted pictures in a while, this is My chocolate dragon Sd Cadbury I got of Adam, he is one of my favourites, what do you think of him? Please excuse teh horrible photos, its winter so they need to be kept warm and my baracks I made broke so they all live in soft drink bottles. He is very beatiful :)




One of my new albino cories.


I have a tonne of more photos if people want to see :)

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They are going well, I think one of my girls may be sprouting to.. She has better ray reduction than all of my red rockets and they extentions are getting pretty long for a female.

I got a full tank shot, it looks really messy and dusty because I just rescaped while taking the piccies. Uploading now.

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This is Mr. Whippy Jr.


More cories


Blonde guppy to make blonde endler


FTS I put aquasoil in some areas a few ekks ago for the foreground plants but I discovered today the cories like the dig in it and make the tank cloudy. It looks pretty bad aye


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