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Is this a batch testing backdown?


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Could be hopeful :D This is an extract from someone in the fish industry I was speaking to about it some time ago:

"......there are a lot of flaws in the plan, and as yet there are no procedures in place for AQIS to police this policy. So this may be another of those over reactions (as you may know, this is all a massive overreaction to the horse flu, where AQIS royally stuffed up) and it may not happen for years (such as the importation of red rainbows, which is still sitting with AQIS after 6 years). They won't undertake testing of local stocks for iridovirus, due to the cost involved, even though it may be present (its a long shot, and they know it)."

After this conversation I decided that it may not be worth pannicking yet.

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