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new babies


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They're finally home and looking so awesome! Got a little carried away with the burst mode on the camera, these are the best out of over 500 photos lol. Still struggling to get a good photo of him holding his fins fully, his dorsal tends to drop when he's not flaring and he's too damn fast when he is.

First the girl, really not sure what to name her, she seems to have a bit of wild in her (the horizontal lines along her body), but i'm not very good with wilds so i'm not sure what




Yes i know, in moments uneducated children will be breaking my door down and putting plastic handcuffs on me for uncarding them but i couldn't resist.

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Beautiful fish you have there! The horizontal stripes are stress stripes. Once she settles into her new surroundings, she should lose those. The vertical stripes she has in the other pics say something else entirely! She's ready to breed...

Watch out for those "caring" kids... The plastic handcuffs they use chafe, although are easily broken :lol:

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Now the boy, i've never seen something so big with such large fins!



I'm tossing up Ra's Al Ghul or Ed Nygma for his name (in keeping with my current theme)

thought i'd put a couple of movies up too.



Can't help but stare and stare.

Btw, for everyone that wants to know he's about 2.7 inches or slightly more.

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