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New dual tank


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Needed a new home for my giants that i'm picking up tomorrow, i was planning on picking up a 1 or 2 footer and splitting it when a friend of mine said that they have a few tanks that they want to get rid of. I thought i'd post about a couple of the ideas that i stubbled across while i was doing it.

Found a random bit of glass lying around the house and it was almost the right size, so i was trying to work out how i could cut it without too much trouble. Went to the markets and randomly there was a guy selling simple glass cutters for $25, thought it was a worthy investment considering i've got a few lids to make and a couple of dividers. Worked a treat! I'd also already bought some suction cup holders to use when i got around to it. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Suction-Cup-Divider-Holder-Plastic-Sheet-Aquarium-Tank-/180518618383?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Fish&hash=item2a07bf850f

I needed a way of carding the divider so i used an old folder that i cut to size


The main problem that i had was that i wanted to put some holes in the glass so that i only needed 1 heater and 1 filter but i didn't have a glass cutter drill bit and didn't really want to buy one so decided to try a normal drill bit anyway figuring i've got nothing to lose, but unfortunately it wasn't exactly successful, but when i was trying to etch a starter hole with one of those grinding point bits


but instead of just doing the starter hole, i kept going and had no problem going all the way through (with the assistance of some cutting oil) then flipped the glass over and cleaned up the hole a bit by putting the drill on an angle and working my way round the hole. It wasn't perfect but certainly did the job without having to buy a glass cutting drill bit which from what i hear you still run the risk of cracking the glass as it goes through the other side.


put it in the tank and lined it up and hey presto!


I'm trying out one side white, one side black but from the looks of when i filled it up there's going to be a bit of cross over from one side to the other :(

Filter and heater are now in and picking up my giants tomorrow, will post pictures of them..... well i don't think i'll be able to stop taking photos of them for a few days so be patient lol

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