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Pink platinum Guppies


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I'm embarrassed to say I didn't look after mine very well and lost them before they dropped any fry. I don't think there are any special requirements. Just normal good water quality. Not sure about outcrossing but if you keep a couple of separate lines from the next generation, you could outcross every 5th generation to the other line.

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You could line breed two groups or more and line cross from time to time,

Inbreed to fix the type you want and out cross when you feel you need too.

things you could do.

A. If your friend still has the line yours came from,

you could get new blood from that line.

B. You could give/sell some of your young to someone that wants your line,

then you could go to them for new stock.

C. Send someone an email and she will send you her list of guppies for sale,

this is an old list


I am sure I have seen them on the list in the past.

D. Put up a wanted add in the classifieds,

I did it in Vic,

asking for Blue grass.

I got a reply,

just waiting to hear back.

I would not out cross to another strain unless you want to have a go at

developing your own type of Guppy.

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Hi Doug,

What others said! Keep two separate lines going!

I've done this in the past where I selected one line for form and size of the tail, and the second line for form and size of the dorsal fin! If you select for different characters in the line (still paying attention to other characters of course)you end up two lines genetically starting to differ while essentially being the same strain! Then every 4 or 5 generations you can out cross between the lines to keep the strain going strong!

Also you can send me a few and I'll keep the strain going here for you to later out cross with! :lol: B)

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