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    Your doing a great job.Australae are said to be a beginners fish but I dont agree.Having kept and bred maybe 60 killi species over the decades these can cause troubles for many people.But if you can breed clarets with your success then these will be a piece of cake for you You should have a crack at the blue gularis,my favourite killi and quite challenging at times
  2. Yes thats C(S)barbatus To answer your question I have N.rachovi,guentheri TAN 97/3 and the blue mutation and Fp deltaensis
  3. Several hundred they are about 2-2.5 cm now.
  4. You can always get some Nothos from me Serkan but I think plant spawners are your passion
  5. Rachovii are the most colourful fish Ive ever kept.They are hard work as you are constantly collecting eggs preparing peat wetting peat and feeding the voracious fry.These ones are probably the Beira 98 strain as there fry are larger and easier to raise than the strain we had decades ago.They are very prolific and a great challenge
  6. It is very hard to know if this fish is pure N;ssuka pure udi bergi or a cross.These fish look very alike and are unusual in the gardeneri family to have an anal fin with no colour stripe the only others are Abinti,mamfense and lacustris which are not in Australia to my knowledge. Most crosses have the paired yellow stripes on the dorsal and anal fin.If its possible that its a cross then its best not to breed from him.It would be interesting to see what part of a mop he uses,my N'sukka when I had them used the very top of the mop
  7. Ive found Ram fry to be very sensitive for the first 6 weeks so I would keep them in the tank and do lots of small careful water changes until then.Ultimately when i was breeding these fish I used a 4 ft tank to raise the fry to a saleable size.2 ft would be OK for 20 maybe but the bigger the better. Your first spawn ever !!! man what a fish to start on .Ive spawned 200 odd species and I still find Rams very tricky
  8. One of the biggest hurdles breeding Rams is to get them to look after the fry.90% of the time they eat the eggs or fry.Ram fry are amongst the smallest cichlid fry and cant eat BBS from the start. Raising them separate to the parents is more difficult than it should be.The fry like Apistogramma fry need interaction with their parents usually mum to feed properly. The best way to raise Rams is in a well established and large tank so there is plenty of smaller bugs to eat.Ive raised batches away from the parents but have had problems because they fry are very sensitive to wastes and need param
  9. Ive hatched out quite good numbers of red and blue guentheri from very old peat (+ 1 year) I also have young rachovii and orthonotus Lilli do you still have eggersi,I lost it when I did fish room renovations and I dont think anyone has it I also have Gularis(that arent cooperating) and a good hatch of Fp deltaensis
  10. Thanks for that advice,III try and get a photo,they are very attractive
  11. I was given a breeding group of these fabulous looking fish a few weeks back.Havent bred a Guppy for decades.Is there anything special about this type?What would you out cross it to and after how many generations?
  12. Can someone tell me what the Melbourne fish fair is and where its held.Ive never heard of it (but I do live in sleepy hollow)Sounds a dangerous place to go Doug
  13. Great choice Lilli These are perfect fish for the permanent set up,in a biggish tank (10 gallon with lots of plants)you end up with dozens of them even in a 2 gallon but not as many.They fry are very small,make Betta fry look like guppies and a pain to raise with paramecium/green water for weeks so do it the easy way. They love BBS,mozzie etc not big on flake/granules.Good luck with them
  14. Labeotropheus Trewavasae is one of the milder Malawis and could coexist with community fish without creating havoc(unlike most of its relatives ;Metriaclima Melanochromis etc).I agree with the suggestion to loose the Malawi as water conditions will not both suit the Malawi and the Angel,catfish or tetras.Malawis liking very hard alkaline water,the others softer acid water Having said that I kept a close relative Labeotropheus fuellborni in a community tank when I was a kid so they seem fairly adaptable
  15. Thanks someone thats helpful.Im not sure any of these fish are females,only time will tell.It must be very difficult with this type as what I assume to be females are very colourful just lack the flowing fins. I wont be selling any progeny privately as these are not my fish they belong to Bayfish,they can sort out the female issue if I have any success Doug
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