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DIY clone of Aquaone betta barracks


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Hi all, ive seen the aqua one betta barracks, and was thinking of constructing something identical to it, except taller, covered in black contact, and also to hold 14 beanie boxes.

I have a few questions -

*Would it be best to order the glass needed to make the frame, and sump?(where the water is)

*And also who do i get to silicone it together?

*I want to keep it as a display, not for breeding etc, so id like it to turn out nicely, can anyone tell me their experience or any ideas?


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Thanks, i have seen one in the flesh, i just need a layout, exactly how to construct it, and a rough idea what to do.

I know that ill need glass etc, piping and a pump. Has anyone done it or attempted it? I like the look of the aqua one betta barracks, but i want something bigger, and to hold 14 boxes + heated/filtered water.

And also if i could, try to figure out a way to set them up so that they dont use same water so sickness spreading wont be a problem, but conclusion is, is that im stuck and confused lol.

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Hmmm... sorry, I have no idea about this stuff, but here are some old topics which will hopefully help:

Buliding a Betta Barrack

My Betta Setup (not sure about this one, but here it is anyway.

A Betta Supply Drip System A Wonderful setup! Maybe something like this??

Fishroom Makeover

I don't know if any of these would be helpful, but I hope I did help a little bit. :embarrass:

Try searching you-tube, or the DIY section on the forum. I'm sure you will be able to come up with a good plan. :)

Good luck! :D

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Thanks for the help people, what and how do i use a uv sterilizer? lol

Also, with sump and overflow etc is there a way to stop it from overflowing everywhere? lol im new to all this, im used to chucking a filter and heater and thats it.

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Actually thats a good idea, i might go with the wooden frame, im not sure how the water is going to fall to the sump, im not very good with the details of how it works, i am in the middle of drawing up a plan..

What do you do to keep the water flowing well?


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hopefully this will show you the details of how it works so you can better design the way you want your system.

1. This is where the dirty tank water ends up in a thin gap between the back wall and the sump

2. exiting the catchment it travels into the filtration

3. Goes under this glass block

4. is pulled by the pump over this glass block

- this is where trouble happens the water lvl drops and doesnt go over the barrier quick enough and the pump pulls the remaining sump water out faster then it can trickle into the area it might work better if i had all the tanks running but my main sump is constantly running dry which is super bad for the heater.

5. Top shelf has a small lip at the front to prevent overflow

6. and a small gap at the back of the shelf that runs the full length, all the water from the tanks goes down this gap and flows down the back wall (you wouldnt be able to use wood)

7. the water stream leaving the tank.

8. running all the way back down to the bottom.

so in answer to the question how do you keep the water flowing well ? It doesnt i have t top it up every 2nd day.

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