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LFS and Pet Stores Getting Better!


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I am excited to say that a few LFS around me keep there Bettas in 2-5L tanks! Although, one keeps about 10 females in a 2L. :no:

Anyway, yesterday I went to a pet store, and they had their Bettas in maybe a 5L container, which was set up in a DRIP SYSTEM!!! :cheer:

I'm sure you all know how a drip system works, so I don't have to tell you how it looks. Anyway, I was very pleased to see them in heated and filtered water.

Just thought I'll let you know. Now, I have seen 4 pet stores/LFS which really look after there Bettas decently. :)

It isn't many, but is a start!!! Hopefully one day we will be rid of the store cups. :love::cheer: :fish:

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These shops are in Sydney.

The one with the drip system is Pet Stock in Bella Vista, the one with the females together is Pet-Barn in Blacktown, North mead Pet-barn keeps them in large-sih jars too but they don't have females.

In Castle Towers (Castle Hill) they also keep there Bettas in a slightly large jars, still small but better than most places...

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