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New fishies =3


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Hiya :D

I couldnt resist adding to my collection, and when I saw the gorgeous lavender butterfly pair on Jodis youtube, I had to have them :P

Off topic, love the lil' comment in Jodis disclaimer "--- Betta is pronounced Bet - tah NOT bee- ta (that's something you do with a stick!)" :giggle:

I also got a lovely lil royal blue girl for my marble boy :)

And when I went to check out Coburg aquarium last week for the first time, I loved it! and I had to leave with some fish, I bought a giant and a multicolour/bi-colour HM (who has been a lil beat up by the giant... so no pics of him for now :) )

Now pictures! :D

Youtube vid by someone

I called him "Curly", because he seems to have an odd ventral that curls back on itself :blink:


Gorgeous Girly, real long anal fin.. but seems many bettas have that fault now ..


Royal blue girlie - barred up almost immediately from being put in a divided tank with my marble boy... quick question, she is about 1/2 the size of my marble boy (he's huge..) will this be any issue when spawning?


Aaaand my not-so-giant giant, He is about 4.7cm not including his tail (he's probably only a little larger than my marble boy..) Im hoping he's just young and will grow more :P


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