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Hello, my name is Lauren and im from Geelong , Victoria in Australia.

I'm 21 years old, and am currently in the beginnings of setting up my new tank for my soon to come betta.

I have had bettas when i was younger, I've always loved them for there colours, they are so gorgeous.

But this time I'm doing it properly and having a nice set up.

So basically i just have a 28L tank, that has a built in light in the lid. that's it so far, nothing in it yet.

I gotta save a bit of money to buy more stuff to go in it, then finally the fish!

I look forward to reading other peoples topics and posts.

Lauren *lol*

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Welcome. You're right, if can be really hard to pick when they're all so amazing. That's when you realise you can't stop at one, and soon you need to go to bettaholics anonymous!

Seeing as your avatar is currently a pic of (actual) dragons... I suggest you research both metallic betta and dragon betta. You might be impressed - and they always sem to look better in real life when the light reflects off their super-shiny scales. Have a look, I'm sure you won't be dissapointed. Also, this might help you decide in regards to tail types. So many options!


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