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  1. just wondering if any 1 has seen any yoyo loaches for sale in Melb

  2. Got a little video tonight of my swordtails breeding The girl has only been in the tank for about 6-7 hours Enjoy :)
  3. That Tank looks great fishfin ive also not had the best of luck with my guppies i started with four girls and one male still have about 8 but none of the original fish just some of the babies that survived i did have a lot more but they seemed to drop off one by one i have to say Coburg aquarium is prob the largest store that ive been to had a lot of nice betta their, only been once as its such a long drive for me but was deff worth a look.
  4. Nice tank yan i keep a male vt in my tank with guppys neons 2 blue rams and 2 dwarf Gourami he really pays no attetion to the babies at all and as for your idears about the rams and dwarf Gourami they seem to get along fine i did have to remove my male vt after i put in the gourami's he just went crazy at them for 2 days straight didnt seem to hurt them but i removed him thought he was getting stressed he got his own 100 lt tank though so hes happy again the 2 Gourami do seem to bash each other round a bit but im sure in your larger tank it would be ok to have more than one Hope
  5. Thanks yan yea i got 6 new girls on sunday thier all very small also got 3 on friday Koi swordtail pair Hmm not sure what type of fish these too are
  6. So i have got quite a few new fish since i last posted some pics so i thought id snap a few shots to share Can any one id this fish ? its a barb of some sort My angel fish ct female + other betta girls More pics and a few vids to come Hope you enjoy ! :D
  7. Welcome to the forum tracey Do you have any bettas in your community tank ? Would love to see some pics as im sure if i dont ask some one else will were all suckers for fishy pics Good to have you sure ill see you Round.
  8. Goody3714


    Welcome to Aus Aqua Always Good to see more people down this way are starting to get into the hobby Thier are plenty of usefull treads on this forum just use the search thier are loads of pinned topics that im sure you will find helpful. Also what type of splendens are you going to breed have any pics ? were all suckers for pics lol Anyway Im sure ill see you round the Forum Goodluck with the research And if thiers any thing your having troble with be sure to ask Thiers alot of people that will gladly give you advise.
  9. Ive got 2 blue rams in my 100lt planted tank with a heap of small guppys the rams dont pay them any attention in fact the only thing the male blue ram even looks at is my veiltail dragon and they take turns chasing each other round the tank :)
  10. Very nice tank force looks really good im thinking of seting up one of my spare 3 ft tanks with a sand substrate too Keep up the good work loved the pics to btw :D
  11. Very nice pics neffy keep up the good work :lol:
  12. Welcome to the forum Bobo looks happy in his home good work very nice tank :D
  13. Very nice Tanks raie Loved the pics some really nice tanks the shrimp are really nice too :D
  14. Took some pics and a vid of the tank tonite thought id share the new pics Tank Video Check my channel too thiers a longer video on thier Linked wrong one And heres a couple of tank shots mind the algue gotta clean the tanks this weekend What yall Think :lol:
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