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Hi everyone,

I'm Meghan aand while I suppose I'm not new to bettas/Siamese Fighting Fish, technically, I am new to wanting to know about the various tail formations/strains (whatever you call them?) and breeding these little beauties.

Just today I've brought what I think is a Half Moon male (at least, the shop told me that he is a half moon, and it is a pretty reputable shop, at least with cichlids anyway). He's in a 2ft planted tank by himself at the moment, I'm planning to add my Harlequin Rasboras (sources have indicated that they're compatible - please tell me if I'm wrong!) in a few days and my Yoyo Loaches once the plants have dug their toes in a little more. I really love this guy's colouration and finnage and I'd loove to breed him after finding out a little more about bettas. The idea of hobby line breeding some colour morphs is immensely appealing to me! But it seems that female fighters are hard to come by in Perth, and I'd want to get half-moon or crowntail females to breed with this guy.

As for my other fish habits...

I've been keeping tropical fish since the very end of 2007, and I've had a respectable setup since January 2008. (One of my friends brought me a nice little red veiltail betta as a late birthday present. Though she meant well he came in a tiny little tank, which after some research and some more research I upgraded to my old goldfish 1ft tank. Then I brought a standard 2x1x1 tank and it's kind of exploded from there.)

Here are some of the fish I've kept:

Veiltail Betta

Yoyo Loaches (Botia almorhae)

Dwarf Gourami (Colisa lalia)

Innumerable Common Bristlenose (Ancistrus sp.(3))

Albino Bristlenose

Kribensis (Pelvicachromis Pulcher)

Apistogramma Borellii

Crowntail Betta

Peppermint Bristlenose (L071 are they?)

Synodontis Polli

Black Pearl Calvus (Altolamprologus calvus)

Lace Gourami

Neon Tetras

Harlequin Rasboras

Pictus Catfish

Convict Cichlids

Half Moon Betta (I think?)

I think that's probably it... getting to be a hefty list these days!

I've bred a few fish successfully, too:

Common Bristlenose (but who hasn't?)


Convict Cichlids (the trick is stopping them)

Despite all of that, I still consider myself a fish newb. There's so much to learn in this hobby, and it becomes more and more apparent the more I learn, how little I know. I'm a member of the Perth Cichlid Society, though because I want to avoid upping the size of my tank until I am in a more permanent residence I'm probably not going to own any cichlids again for a while.

Outside of fish, I'm a Masters of Architecture student at the University of Western Australia. 1st year Masters, 4th year in Architecture overall. I've just a few months ago returned from a 6.5 month trip around Western Europe, the UK and Egypt... I like reading books, art, and playing video games. I am really prone to writing long, long posts. Sorry about that...

So hi everyone!

Oh. This is my fish gallery : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ghanorama/set...57623051809982/

It's a bit out-dated, as I don't have most of the fish that are on there any more, and the ones I do still have are much bigger!

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Hey meghan welcome to the site :D

You came to the right place to learn about bettas alot of info

on breeding and alot of helpful people that are willing to help answer

questions That you might have

Nice pics to :lol:

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Hey Meghan,

Welcome. I know that there is at least one other member in Perth, but can't recall their name... I'm sure they'll let you know! You may well find it hard to get nice females locally but there are people like "fish-chick" aka jodie-lee who courier imported fish around the country. Hope breeding goes well for you with lots of baby fish and no hair pulled out at the roots from frustration!


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Thanks so much for the warm welcome guys! :)

Kandee - Apistos are great little fish aren't they! The ones that I had were the yellow face variety and they were so sweet... actually I was torn between my new male betta and an Apistogramma cacatuoides trio... but my current tank wasn't really big enough for those guys, whereas it is hopefully an entire kingdom for my new betta. :)

Yan - Thanks for the tail type guide! That was really handy. I think he is a Half Moon, then. But he's probably a bit of a mutt. I might put a picture of him on the fish critique page! I like him anyway. :D

Paul - Cheers for that. I'm a bit wary of buying fish over the internet though... But I suppose LFS fish come from overseas/interstate a lot of the time, so it's no different really. :)

Goody - thanks for the compliments on my photos :) I'll have to put up some more recent ones!

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If you really want to be safe with buying from overseas... There's always someone. :) She has a wonderful selection of top grade fish and her Apistos are A-MA-ZING!

I have 2 Apistogramma Agassizi... Shall hopefully be getting a male for the two females soon. :)

The Cacatuoides are awesome! I want a trio, too. :D

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I might try her out then if I get brave/desperate enough, haha.

Oh, Agassizi, they're amazing. What colour variety are yours? I love the double reds.

I love the finnage on the Cacatuoides. It's spectacular! The oranges in these guys are to die for... I'd love to do a biotype tank with some of these guys one day...

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