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New to AusAqua.. "Hello" *waves*


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Hi Brooke,

I started with one tank too. Now I have lots :welcome: (although Im trying to scale down!!) It all started because of a blue betta I decided to buy myself....

What sort of fish do you have/are you getting? How big is your tank?


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I currently have three seperate tanks running at the moment *sighs*

The smallest one cintains my lonely convict.. he is a beautiful boy and i suspect he ate his lady friend.. Still not sure what i want to do with him yet.. I am thinking of selling him on, but i just dont want to part with him :)

The largest one is my newest tank and is currently going through its cycle before i move my fish into it. the other tank is their old home and holding them til they can move into their new pad.

In my mixed tropical tank i have:

2 silver dollars

1 pearl gourami

2 tetras

1 barb.. there was more at one stage

3 small angels

1 Bolivian ram

1 sucking catfish

1 really lazy bristlenose

2 corydaras

1 clown loach (thinking of getting him/her a new mate)

i will post my progress of my new tank shortly.. I took new photos last night with plants in it.. and i need opinions..

talk again soon :welcome:

luv brooke

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