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  1. Thankyou. I do research fish a fair bit now.. I have learnt so much that i never knew. and learning a lot just by watching them interact. i just dont know anything about plants.. I will start researching x
  2. really? toxic. omg my local fish shop sold it to me.. She didnt seem to know too much about anything though.. Wow! I wont be going back there!! Does anyone has any idea of good places to go to in Brissy / Ipswich? These people should actually know about these things.. Thanks all for your ideas. keep them coming :welcome:
  3. I am new to AUSAQUA and i want to share with you, my new tank. I would LOVE comments and ideas on improving my NEW tank.. I am not happy with the look of it.. Plants etc.. let me know what you think xox OLD TANK.. YUCKO NEW TANK DURING CLEANING PROCESS.. EEWWWWW.. DIRTY NEW TANK DURING ITS FISHLESS CYCLE- PLANTS NOW ADDED! AWW PRETTY
  4. I currently have three seperate tanks running at the moment *sighs* The smallest one cintains my lonely convict.. he is a beautiful boy and i suspect he ate his lady friend.. Still not sure what i want to do with him yet.. I am thinking of selling him on, but i just dont want to part with him The largest one is my newest tank and is currently going through its cycle before i move my fish into it. the other tank is their old home and holding them til they can move into their new pad. In my mixed tropical tank i have: 2 silver dollars 1 pearl gourami 2 tetras 1 barb.. there was more at one stage 3 small angels 1 Bolivian ram 1 sucking catfish 1 really lazy bristlenose 2 corydaras 1 clown loach (thinking of getting him/her a new mate) i will post my progress of my new tank shortly.. I took new photos last night with plants in it.. and i need opinions.. talk again soon luv brooke
  5. Newbie to AusAqua.. I am Brooke, from Brisbane.. I have just started setting up my new and larger tank and cant wait for it to cycle through so i can move my fish to their new home. I will be posting my progress and will need lots of ideas Brooke xox
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