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Hello Again

Robbies Betta

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Hey all

long time no net-see :(( I finally got the internet back (well work has finally given it to me *sshh*) so lately I've been popping on back here to see what's been happening in the fishy world while I've been on "leave". I still only have just the one tank with bout 10 BN in it. I just haven't had time to sell them off. they're all bout an inch big except for the mother or father (can't remember which one I couldn't catch when given some to friends) which is almost 2 inches big. in there are 2 lonely neons and bout 5 apple snails who are I think generation 5 from the very first snails I bought.

going through the site again makes me miss my bettas. I think I need to buy a new one for the tank now that all my nippy fish are gone. hopefully soon :alright: the site is really making me clucky to breed bettas again. I used to love watching them grow and seeing the colours appear, especially not knowing what you were about to get. lucky for me I've pretty much kept all my set-ups, so at least I don't have to start from scratch :(

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