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Ada 30p Journal -"pinnacle"

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Here is my newest scape and its a iwagumi again but this time I want to try to make the main stone more outstanding in the layout by placing much smaller stones along the main stone. I would like to thanks a forum memeber who gave me alot of useful comments on this layout :).

Tank Spec

Substrate: AquaSoil 1+2, Bactor 100

Tank: Ada 30p

Lighting: 24w x 2

Filter: eheim 2213

Lily pipe: Cal lab + inline diffuser

Stand: Custom ada style stand


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Its the filter outtake,

All glass inflow and outflow filter pipe designed for make idealistic water flow for the plant growth. Lily Pipe is produced from fine Japanese glass by the hand of expert glass craftsman. Use with canister filter.

I just see it as an unjustifiably expensive piece of glass, probably because i cant afford it lol

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