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Check Out My Boys


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Hi.. I bought my first two male crowntails out of LFS on monday..

I just want to know what you guys think about them and help me name their type.. gosh i'm such a noob..

well i want to learn.. thats all.. =)

And sorry if the pics are dodgy.. its hard to take photos of 'em since i dont know how to.. =(

I was not sure to put this in the critique forum since these are just $9.50 bettas and don't want you guys to spend so much effort writing all the faults...

Sorry about the names.. my friend who i asked to come along with me to buy these fish insisted.. :(





- I think I can only upload 5 pics per post.. -

- And I can't post the photos of the other one as a reply here coz only max of 5 photos allowed so we'll do one boy at a time then..-

Thanks a lot guys..


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