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Perth Shipment Coming Up


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Hiya! I just wanted to let the other Perthites know that there will be a shipment coming over from someone (someone) early in the new year, so its a good opportunity for us over here in the west to band together and share the cost of shipping by having fish sent over at the same time in the same shipment. If anyone is interested jump on board :giggle:

As I work nights, I'm happy to do the airport run and ringing around.


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i THINK i may have to pull out girls.....i have had a 3rd pair spawn today and i think i should concentrate on raising these babies and making room for them in the next coming months.......UNLESS JL has fish that blow my mind and i must buy them

Also im off to euro in June for 2 months so i anticpate losing some fish during that time unless i find a GREAT fish sitter

*looks at either of you* :cheer:

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I'm not sure on that, but her contact details are below (taken from JL sig) if that's any help


Bettas of Distinction

Specialising in Show Bettas and Guppies

Aquabid Transhipping and Importing Service for Hobbyists

Shop 17/478 Ipswich Road Annerely QLD 4103

ph: 07 3848 9585

BUSINESS HOURS 11am-7pm Weekdays 10am-4pm Weekends

mob: 0419 709 410 Within reason! (SMS questions will not be answered.)

someone@internode.on.net (any time)

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