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Oscar Spawn


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I haven't, but I have bred severums. I siphoned out the babies as there were a lot of other fish in the tank and the parents may or may not have been able to raise them. They did really well on newly hatched bbs and grew very fast! HTH!

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anything will help ATM

been looking online and havent found anything yet and the Oscar book that i got her is useless

the author seems to be more interrested in bad mouthing other fish keepers than giving helpful advice

hope that is not breching any rules saying that :lol:

i will keep looking online i may find something :giggle:

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You can either remove the eggs and hatch them away from the parents or allow the parents to raise the fry themselves. After the pair spawn they should both take turns fanning and cleaning the eggs. I can't remember now how long it took the eggs to hatch. A few days I think. They're able to take baby brine shrimp straight away.

If they spawned on something removable you can take the eggs out and hatch them yourself in a separate tank. Place the rock with the eggs vertically and arrange and airstone to move water gently past the eggs. Add some methylene blue or acriflavine to prevent fungus. Remove any fungused eggs immediately. After they hatch you treat the fry just like bettas, feed them regularly and keep the water clean.

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Leave them with the parents! Generally they are great parents, and even if they don't make it this time they will spawn again in no time. After the initial difficulty of forming a pair I found them to be on par with convicts, firemouths etc - just keep the water clean and the food coming.

They take a lot of bbs immediately after becoming free swimming, and grow pretty fast.

She's going to need another 200L or so tank to grow them out to a saleable size, my broods were in the 100's to 300's, but apparently thousands are possible! I had a 400L spawning/display tank and a 250L grow out tank with sumps and 10x turnover. They grow fast and make a lot of waste (a tank full of 1.5" Oscars takes a lot of feeding and waterchanging). The scale of breeding these things turned me to dwarves lol.

Just remember that stunted and/or deformed Oscars are no good to anyone - you need to cull where necessary.

edit: they're supposed to hatch after three days supposedly, but I've never seen them in a minute under four

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thanks all ive let her know and she has decided to leave them with the parents

and will be geting a new tank in a few weeks

she was ova the moon when she told me but i can see her

pulling her hair out if anything goes wrong :giggle: she is a bit of a stress head

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No point forking out for a new tank until the fry hatch and the parents prove themselves. It may take a couple of goes. They can stay in the parents tank for a couple of weeks before it will be time to move them. And by then your friend will know whether she's really up to raising several hundred oscar fry or not.

Tell your friend we need pics in return. :giggle:

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hi guys

I actually have 2 breeding oscars. They are keeping me very busy and they will breed once a month for a 6 month period at a time.

(Actually thinking of selling a pair as it gets too much)

In terms of leaving it with the parents, i usually don't.

After the eggs are a day old i usually will remove the spawning slate and put it into another aquarium so it can hatch by itself.

My oscars are a funny lot and they can't really be trusted with the eggs left as they parents will eat the eggs in the 2nd or 3rd day.

Hope that helps your endevours as well.

Have a great day


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yer they are on their own in a 6 foot tank with maby a feeder fish that has manage not to get eaten

and as far as her getting a new tank gose it may be new or from a friend that has one sitting around

but like you said Bettarazzi no harm in waiting a few weeks

Tell your friend we need pics in return.
fair trade i guess :((

these are not the best but the only ones that i was given so far



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