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Hi Lyn from Brisbane.....................Have loved and kept tropical fish since my childhood taking breaks to travel study ect ect and just recently purchased two beautiful halfmoon bettas with the intent of breeding. Funny thing is, have breed a fair few fish in my years but this betta breeding has me a little anxious!!!!!. Just for my fish of course as may sound silly but they seem so full of personallity and I really have grown fond of them.

Squash (as named by my son who has named the male squeeze!!!!) lives in the kitchen at the moment so we spend a fair bit of time together as she sits on my bench watching me not only cook but concoct soaps and candles and lotions and potions which is another obcession of mine :-)

Now these fish I purchased for my son Lucas who has inherited my love for fish and it is such fun to see him so interested and researching loads of info on breeding ect. Anyway enough of my gabbling, I am looking forward to being an active member on this board and sharing my adventures and your adventures :-) Cheers...........Lyn

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