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Big Red


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Bit of the back story

Back in August last year (2007) while on a trip to Coffs my mum decided that Oscar could do with a friend so while at a pet shop up there we got a baby red oscar. I named 'him' Big Red and instead of putting him in the 6 ft tank with Fang and become a meal we made up the old 2 ft tank for a grow out.

I went over to Canada in September and left the fish in mother's hands. During one of my calls home I was told that Big Red had somehow jumped out of the tank and was found on the floor (about a metre drop), he was still alive when she found him (we think) hours later so she put him back into the water, moving him around to get water through his gills and he did a bit of swimming but rested near the heater, staying that greeny colour that oscars seem to go. He got some fungus from his incident so he went into the multi-cure, it took him a week or so before he was back to normal and swimming (and eating) normally. I got home from Canada he had grown so much and was happily in a new 2fter (the other broke during a tank clean out). On Friday after finding out her goldfish had fungus again she decided we'd do a tank swap, I'd have the 2ft tank with the 18 inch rise and she'd have the normal 2fter. After a real good clean out (including a bit of bleach), a trip to our gravel spot we got some gravel, rocks and some fresh water reedy type weeds. Big Red is now happy with the extra 20 or so litres and his interior.

Anyway, onto a montage of pictures.


Big Red the day we got him


Meeting Fang


Taken in June, just shows how much he's grown (although he doesn't keep still long enough for a decent picture)

And now, the latest pic of him in his bigger tank with the river weeds (don't worry, they had a quick wash in Condy's Crystals then aged water)


I'll post more pics in the future as he grows :lol:

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Cause I've been away I haven't had much of a chance for photos. Unfortunately sometime last week my first oscar; Fang passed away :) But Big Red still seems to be going strong, took this shot of him and I quite like it.


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