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Whats up guys!?! n00b member here from WA! :)


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Hi guys!

how are we all?

I used to breed bettas (not so well) when I was younger......Now I want to get back into it so I thought id so some research and do it properly :)

Im 28, guy from perth

A few questions:

What are the leafs floating in betta contaniers I see, whats their puurpose?

This Aquabid thing, whats the deal, is it like ebay? is it based in Aus?

Are there any betta breeders in WA on this board?

Are WA peeps allowed to import fish from overseas?

What are my chances of finding an Arrowana in Aus?

baby brine shrimp.......i notce on ebay there is a fresh water version, are they any good?

I THINK thats all the questions i got thus far, will ask more as they come to me :)

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BBS are excellent as first food for fry....

Not sure about arowana...

not sure about quaranteen laws in WA...

Yes there are bettta breeders in WA...

Aquabid is much like e bay but you can only import from cèrtain asian countries...

The leaves are ketapang leaves and they recreate the type of water bettas are found in in the wild..

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What an awesome site, u guys rock, have been reading for the last few hours

- Is there a thread or site somewhere showing all the varieties of betta, u guys use alot of accronyms and I tend to get lost ha

- Who is someone? ya'll talk about her a fair bit, is she the owner of Aqua bid?

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lol no someone is the australian transshipper, basically whenever you import a fish from overseas it goes to her 1st so she can quarantine it, she's a very busy girl!

there's a thread somewhere for all the jargon we use... I'll go find the thread for you :)


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Sorry for butchering your thread Notorious. I just thought there were responses to questions which would benefit other members if those discussions were placed in their relevant forums. I know it's probably convenient for you to have all the answers to all your questions in one giant thread. But other people wouldn't look in the Introductions forum to join a discussion about importing to WA, etc. And although we encourage and welcome questions from new members, ideally they would first look in the subject specific forums to see if a question had been asked previously. Hard for a future member to do that if questions are asked and answered in the Introductions forum which is usually reserved for welcome messages.

Now that most people have had the opportunity to say hello to you, it would be great if you could raise further questions in the appropriate forums. :no:

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admins on this forums ---> what can i say --> super efficient! well organised!

i join this forum last night and spent several hours straight reading and reading and reading.

tips: look at the topic header on each section + subsection and you will find ALL Qs & As --> for all newbies like me LOL

and i am in WA (perth)



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