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my debutante

fighter boy

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well my partner and i partiipated in our yr 11 debutante last night (friday night)

it was all swell and without a hitch. the food was good having profita rolls with a chocolate mouss centre. superb.

our first dance was the cha cha then the waltz and finally the tango. buy this stage both out feet were hurting and ed was looking pretty good. but of course the after party as first.

finally it was back to my house with a few mates from school. it was origionally only meant to be teh 6 of us but turned out to be 20 in total. which wasnt a bad thing. teh party was great and we all knew each other. it was probebly a damn sight better than the after party /open party in noble park near the school. being an open party full of teens drinking isnt really a good idea. most of us having already too much testosterone and then adding alcohol on top of that is just a disaster waiting to happen. and of coarse the last school party that was held by a guy that i know from school turned out with the police out the front with a fellow who appeared to have two very distinct marks on his chest which remind me of stab wounds and the back fence of the guys house being kicked in for everyone to get away and retreat onto the school oval.

i very much dislike the idea and there for held my own with a few freinds. plus i dont cherrish the idea of allowing my girl freind to be victim of such acts were a fight could errupt and who knows it might be me with those two blood stains on my shirt sitting on the grass of teh front yard.

no thanx.

anyway here are some pictures. so enjoy and dont laugh at me please lol


me and kev (a mate) being tools in the limo on the way to the venue.


emily (kevs girlfreind and partner) and jadzy (jamie) a freind from school.


my girlfreind and i playing infront of the mirror which is possitioned on the roof of the limo.

im still questioning why or what the usage of a mirror on the roof would be. only dark thoughts have arrised so far... :eadshake:






a quick peck on the cheek.


dancing with my mum. im not a very good dancer.


being presented.


during the make up session.


my mum all dressed up. this is the first time my mum has been seen in a dress in 23 years. the last time was her wedding day. after loosing 58kilos id say she has well and truelly earned it.


after the innitial 3 dances of the presentation. time to kick back.


my parents at the venue.

thats pretty much all i have time for due to me having to type this up again because my computer froze while transfering files.

i hope you enjoy and feel free to comment on my funny faces.



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Wow it looked like a fun evening! Your gf looks like a bride! that white dress sure is a stunner! Your mum looks awesome too, congrats to her on losing all that weight..just wish I had the same luck! You look very smart in a tux, but I think all men look nice in a tux :giggle: that's the whole point of it isn't it! hahaha.

Glad to hear it was such a great night for you all and nothing untoward happened!

Cassi x

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thanks a heap guys. it was a great night and funny enough we had the window to the limo down and stopped at the lights. the guy next to us in his car wound down the window and congradulated my gf on her wedding. so he made the same mistake also. lol.

origionly i didnt want to do it but changed my mind in the end as you only get to do it once so i might as well.

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thank you very much for your comments sunnylass. my mum is a true fighter. shes looking at a knee reconstruction in both her knees in the next few months. the damage was due to her basket ball years and the arthritis afterwards. she had the lap band operation a few years back but it takes awhile for it to make a big difference. because of her having my brother and sister so close together she put on a **** load of weight.

she has never been happier than she is now. its great.

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