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Hello From Toowoomba

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Hi, I'm Rachel... As you know I live in Toowoomba QLD. Am married with 2 daughters Ally and Penny, and a step son Kalum. I also have 2 Betta's - unnamed as yet as they belong to my nearly 2 year old daughter and she just calls them fish. I also Breed budgies with my 4 year old daughter Ally. My Hubby and I breed Indian Ringnecks too. We have a pair of Muscovy Ducks and a dog bindi... A little zoo... We are just hobby breeders of all out animals and do not show them they are our pets and I do it for the kids... I am currently a full time mum and spend a lot of time at home playing with the girls and the animals. Our betta's are in the breeding tank at the moment and the eggs should hatch tomorrow.. Very exciting... Looking forward to chatting to you all.

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