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Greetings from Newcastle, NSW


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Hi everyone,

I don't have much to tell (I'm a bit shy). I'm very new to Bettas......I only started

4 weeks ago with one red and one blue male VT who I rescued from the local pet shop

because I was so upset to see them in those teeny little plastic containers, looking so miserable.

Straight off my blue boy's tail started melting away virtually right before my eyes.

I tried Wardley's fungus aid which did zilch. Then I tried Melafix, which did zilch and I've finally

had some success with Tetracycline. Fingers crossed.

It's given me such a thrill to see that tail finally 'knitting' together and the two of them so

happy in their new but humble surroundings.

I'm really enjoying reading the archives and learning more. I've got a feeling that this is

just the start of a big-time obsession.

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It is Dee, isn't it? Hi there. Nice to see you here. Welcome. Oops, hope you weren't keeping your real name a secret. :P

Yep, it's me. No, not a secret lol. Check your mail - just sent you something.

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