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Photo housing

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Im just wondering why this site dosnt have pic housing?

I have tried several times to use photobucket but keep geting error messages (dont know if its the site or my comp)

I just thought that some thing like this ( http://www.efficienthosting.nl/) would be better so that every one can just post there pics hear and not have to join another site muck around with links and all :-)

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Hi Rainy,

We used to have a gallery, however once we updated the boards we no longer were able to link the databases together so that once logged into the forums you could access a gallery :P Keeping the gallery would mean everyone would have to sign up to that as well.

There is also the matter of disk space on the server. There are a few websites that share the account along with AAQ and we have allocated a certain amount to each. Photobucket allows you linked your images on multiply sites and it is free, whereas we would pay for bandwidth for everyone else images.

If you need some help with photobucket, shoot me a PM maybe I can help.


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