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Discus Spawning


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Hey guys,

So i came home from work today to find my pair of discus spawing for a second time in a few days, the first lot of eggs were eaten by other fish in the tank, i assume this will happen to this lot too. Im annoyed because i was going to move them to their own tank when i got home!!

Here is a quick pic i snapped :lol: They seem to like laying on the driftwood:


Cheers Phil

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Eggs are hatching eggs are hatching. Oh btw the eggs in that pic above got eaten, but they spawned AGAIN!! Watching them hatch, and then the fry getting moved to another area in turn by the parents is amazing!

Here are some babies close up:


and a video of the male, protecting his area:


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Thats just an airpump, that was right next to the camera lol

Noo i didnt get time to move the discus to their own tank so that was their 3rd spawn in the community tank :)

I want to move them this weekend!! well thats the plan anyway...

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