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Hello everyone


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Hello :balloons:

I'm Elana and I'm from Perth. I've been keeping fish for a while but only got into Bettas last year (thanks to my Hubby). I have two here at the moment, both Veiltails ('Church' and 'Sarge') and another that we're picking up tomorrow which is a metallic 'Delta' (I believe). I'm still new to all the terminology etc.





I love them heaps!

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Hi charlie and paiyan :)

paiyan, I'm not 100% sure what it's called (it might be 'totally tanked' or something like that) but it's across from Bunnings in Maddington, that's where my red and blue guys came from. The other guy came from the big pet place near Spotlight in Cannington (near where WA Salvage used to be). The shop in maddington has a pretty good range of Betta's from time to time, but I usually get my supplies from the place in Cannington (or online) :) Do you know of any hotspots that I don't?

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Yeah, I do know of some other places you might be interested in having a look at :)

Try these stores:

Pet Magic - Albany Highway somewhere


Aquarium Artists Australia

Vebas - O'Connor

They usually get some nice fish in every now and then..

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