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Platinum Angelfish


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WOW they are beautiful! I really want some, have done for a long time but they won't go with the fish I currently have. Although I'm thinking that I could put a few in the 4ft with my tiger Oscar and the 11 tiger barbs. They are all about the same aggression level so should be able to look after themselves..and if I get the angels small enough they should grow and get used to the other fish. Oscar isn't big enough yet to eat the baby angels anyway lol.

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Guest huggyaust

I have 10 of these. They are sooo pretty and are growing very fast. When i got them they were just over 3cm about a month ago and already they have trippled in size!!


Cheers Phil

Hi Phil

I am setting up a new tank for angel fish and good to see your comment. Where about are you in Sydney? Can I have a few of the angels?


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